Mahabaleshwar: a virginal-pious town offering best tranquil holidays

Mahabaleshwar, the very pride of the Western Ghats, is a small Maharashtrian place marking the nation. A popular getaway from Mumbai, there exists a distance of about 260km between Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai. This place is most acknowledged as one of the most visited tourist places and is one of the popular pilgrim hubs in the country.

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For long the hill station has been acting as the perfect weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, and people of Pune and other neighboring cities. Settling on the location that is quite near to the west coast of the Indian mainland, Mahabaleshwar is recognized for experiencing a cheerful weather almost always. It is never too hot in Mahabaleshwar, and the same goes for the cold; the major reason is the apt geography of it. Furthermore, it is best to avoid monsoon. Post-monsoon, is the time when the surrounding is bright, the weather is delightful, water bodies are filled with water, and the town is at its ecstasy. Several air-routes take one of the city; flights to Mumbai, which has excellent state of art airports are quite convenient as there are several flights serving the city’s airports. Additionally, there is another good air route that lands at the Pune domestic airport, which is much closer to Mahabaleshwar.

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As far as the focus is on the tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar, the attractions are in plentiful at the disposal of the tourists. Gusting stream and waterfalls, restful green meadows, hills that are everlasting, thick evergreen forests, and a large, diverse flora and fauna are the allures sufficient enough to get one captivated on the first sight. Plus, for those who are enthusiast for the luxuries in a stay, it is just hard to overlook the genuine unmatched hospitality of the luxury hotels in Mahabaleshwar that is one of the major tourist places of the town. Other than that, the town is also popular for its old spiritual sites. An account that there are several revered Hindu temples, the region is considered amongst major pilgrimage centers in the state.

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Built in 1656, by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja is the grand fort called the Pratapgarh Fort is a major attraction. It is situated 24 km to the west of the town, and is a must visit for the addicts of history. Venna Lake, another must visit attraction is around 2 km from the town’s bus stand. It is a 2.5 km beautiful lake that is bounded by trees on all the sides. At the place, people enjoy horse riding, fishing, boating, and picnic. There is also a place called Tapola, which is located nearly 27 km to south. It is a less known destination, making it perfect for those who seek a place to relax. Apart from that, the town is simply replete of scenic viewing points that are also popular tourist pullers. Additionally, if one has (or doesn’t have) leisure time than he may also like to check out places like Pratapgarh Fort, Krishna Temple, Tapola, Panchgani, and the Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.

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The length of a trip of Mahabaleshwar basically depends on the preferences of the tourists. It is a good thing to spare four to five days in the town. The amount of time aforementioned is sufficient to explore and relish attractions of the town and the destinations nearby. The good thing is that, lodging in Mahabaleshwar doesn’t bother a traveler to that much of a large extent. The reason being that accommodations and dining in the town comes in all ranges and categories. There exist different hotels in Mahabaleshwar with a tariff that suits all types of travelers. All that one has to do is choose a hotel carefully as per the budget and stay priorities.

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