Exploring Pahalgam in its multiple nature-blessed locations

Pahalgam is one of the most popular tourists destinations in India. Located at the north, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the town is a beautiful little town, which is in no terms short of natural beauty and allures. Head to quaint towns to explore it in real, and for accommodations, choose from best Pahalgam hotels. Pahalgam is a popular highlight of Jammu & Kashmir tourism. It is a beautiful town that is made up of valleys, hills, rivulets, and dense forestry. The beauty of the town can be pictured with the fact that it used to the very spot where many of the Bollywood movies were shot. Nonetheless, today the number of Bollywood movies shot in the town is decreasing, however, opposite to that, there is a constant rise in the popularity of the town and the annual number of tourists visiting it. The town is one of the most run-after hill stations in India, mostly sought by honeymooners and families going out of their city for refreshing-fun vacation.

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Pahalgam is a small town and there are limited places for sightseeing. Out of which some are quite popular and are most crowded with visitors and locals during peak seasons. Whereas there are a few hidden attractions or sites that are either not known by many or are yet to be discovered. These sites make excellent constituents for an offbeat Pahalgam holiday. Eco tourism is at boom in here. Taking advantage of which today the regions of the town are dotted with several Pahalgam hotels. A good thing with the high number and a large-enough range of hotels in the town is that one gets plenty of good options to choose, where he can make a stay without being concerned about his budget. Besides, there are many hotels that also offer tour services and guides for the conveniences of their guests.

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Nevertheless, if one is in the quaint town of Pahalgam and seeks to spend an offbeat holiday rather following the same tour itinerary that everyone does, there are three places located in the vicinity of the town that he ought to visit. These are Chandanwari, Baisaran, and Panchtarni. Out of the three, the Baisaran is the closest to Pahalgam, about 5 km away. Reassembling many of the European resorts, this little place is one of the most beautiful areas of the district. The lands are capped by dense vegetation and woods primarily consisting of the Pine trees. Everlasting mountains surround the place, and the whole site looks heavenly that constitute clear blue sky, snow-clad mountains, and greenery everywhere. When visiting it, do carry along a camera as there will be plenty of opportunities to render the nature into photographs.

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Somewhat similar to the Baisaran, the Panchtarni is another place where the nature is at its bliss. It is situated about 13 km from the tranquil Sheshnag Lake, and is most farthest from Pahalgam amongst the three destinations in consideration. It is about 40 km away and is so-called because it is the site where combines five streams. Besides, the place is also popular as the last stoppage to Amarnath Yatra.

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Chandanwari is about 16 km from the town of Pahalgam, and is the last renaming destination amongst the destinations near Pahalgam in consideration. The place is also no less than the other two in terms of natural beauty. There exists a snow bridge which is very popular amongst the tourists visiting the state for tourism. There also exist a few cheap resorts and guest houses offering accommodations to the guests. Besides, some of the best 3 Star hotels in Pahalgam also offer transportation service to Chandanwari. Anything that can be said about the beauty of this little place is less. It is a tranquil site near Pahalgam that is best for relaxing, breathing fresh air, and getting awestruck by nature’s beauty.

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