Some serene hill stations near Mumbai city

Mumbai is a good place to spend the vacation as the city often spoils the visitors with the choices for fun, adventure, etc. It is best to start early to get Delhi to Mumbai train ticket price at the ideal rates. One may additionally look for the lucrative tour packages and avail one. Additionally, the city is surrounded by some of the most serene hill stations in the country.

Being a big nation has the advantages that come along. Look at India for example, the diversity that is prevalent in every part of the nation brings different advantages to it. Maharashtra for example, is a southern Indian state with a great enough diversity spread all over it. The capital of the state Mumbai, which is one of India’s chief metropolitan cities is one good example of diversity in unity. On one hand it is modern and very practical, yet on the other it is old and historic. In fact, with the modern day entertainment and adventures added a new layers to Mumbai tourism, many now make a beeline to visit the city on their vacation. There is no shortage of tourist attractions and you can find any kind of adventure and entertainment here.

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Travelling to any destination in India is now easy thanks to the implementation of modern techniques. The web in this context plays an important role. Now, with the convenience of your home or office one can now find out trains to Mumbai, Delhi to Mumbai train ticket price, available seats, as well as check the PNR status online.


Mumbai during summer is hot and humid, it is thus that many locals prefer to visit the nearby getaways to relax and unwind away from the chaos and humid climate of the city. Here are top hill stations near Mumbai in case you happen to be in and around the city:

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An entirely new picture regarding hill station holidaying in India has been rendered thanks to the scenic beauty of Panchgani. This area is encircled by five hills and is the house of numerous monuments and buildings from British era that add a royal air to its surrounding. It’s not difficult to visit Panchgani as it within 98 km from Pune. Plus, due to a number of Hindi movies which were shot here the place has achieved a cult status. In short, it is a spot where history means the contemporary world in its best avatars!

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No hill station tour in Maharashtra could be called complete without setting foot in this lovely twin hill resort, which is just a few kilometers from Mumbai and Pune. It’s practically a pilgrimage that the locals of Mumbai undertake to take shelter from the sweltering heat. But it will be incorrect to call these areas only a ‘resort’ as it might be overly for its peacefulness. There are several sightseeing places which are accessible here at affordable rates that will blow away your mind like Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose and Lohagad Fort, etc. What is more, this place is quite nicely linked with all the rest of Mumbai. Plus, several resorts line up this place, therefore the issue of lodging or conveyance never ever appears.



The name means ‘abode of serpent’. Since, it’s quite suitable to dwell here, thanks to the thick woods that keeps them from the demerits of modernization, thus, modest homes and tribal hutments may be seen here. Satpura is an incredibly chilled out place to go outing and trekking as it has all the comforts and facilities to make a stay simple for tourists.