Which is right for you: a tranquil hill station or a popular beach destination?

With a wide range of good destinations to pick from, deciding on one destination is quite a task. However, doing a little research about the destinations you are thinking of visiting, always help. Places like Matheran, Goa, Ooty, Manali, Pondicherry, etc. bewitch travelers. Pick a destination by giving your travel priorities more preference and travel to the destination for a memorable vacation.

As there is a rise in the number of backpackers in the country, the Indian Tourism industry indeed is growing. With the introduction of new ways, modernity, and different endeavors that promote tourism, more number of people in India are willing to go the distances and explore a new destination. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry and highly significant for the growth of the country for the fact that a major percentage of the country’s total growing economy comes from tourism. In 2012 the Word Travel & Tourism Council studied the India Tourism industry and calculated that the total sum generated by the industry was about US $ 97 billion. There is indeed a change in the travelling habits of the citizens. Not only people are more inclined towards holidaying and exploring places that they have never been before, but there also exists a general awareness amongst them related to the essentials that make holidaying a wholesome experience. Earlier, people tend to wait for the perfect season so that when it is the ideal time, they will visit their dream destination. However, today is a lot different case. Happy travelers are journeying to destinations throughout the year, and the reason for the fact is the introduction of several new allures, adventure activities, and often times, the lucrative travel deals.

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However, with so many destinations to pick from along with wide variance existing between them, it is often a bit hard to settle on one destination. If you love tranquility, carve to spend a couple of days relaxing and rejuvenating while the nature bewitches you with its unparalleled scenic beauty, experience the simple life away from the materialization of 21st century, etc., think of visiting the hill stations. Matheran is a highly advisable destination. With its unspoiled and protected forests, first-rate Matheran hotels, the fascinating old bungalows, pleasant weather, and different fun outdoor actions, the place simply captivate the attention. Interesting to know that tangos and horses are still used for the transportation as automobiles are strictly prohibited here. In addition, Shimla, Darjeeling, Munnar, Ooty, the beautiful hill towns of north India, etc. are to name the popular hill stations that you might consider visiting. Scenic locales, pleasant weather, welcoming people, etc. are the common attributes between the hill stations, yet each hill station is unique and has its own charm.

On the other hand, individuals who find perfect-sandy beaches, ecstasy-filled parties, adrenaline pumping water sports, and laid-back life tempting, the popular beaches across India are the ideal destinations to consider. Goa is the first destination that automatically strikes the mid first, when one talks of beach destinations across India. With home to over a dozen of hot-and-happening beaches and the vibrant parties organized at the beach, clubs, it is simply hard to overlook Goa. However, it should be noted that the state is much more than just the beaches. Old Portuguese colonies, beautiful tree lined boulevards, East meets West cuisines, great people, diverse and rich nature, snake-like backwaters, etc. are all part of Goa holiday. Due the availability of frequent flights from IndiGo, Spicejet, GoAir Airlines, Jet Konnect, etc. it is quite easy to access the place on flights. Besides, there are several trains to serve the state.

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