Captivate Yourself in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the city in Turkey formed due to some volcanic eruption. This place offers an enticingly fantastic landscape and lots of other things to do and to see as well. It is a semi arid region in central Turkey Filled with lots of adventures and exciting places and is situated in the Anatolian plains. This place has lot of conical shaped tall structures which give this place an extremely beautiful picturesque environment. If you are planning to take a hot air balloon ride, then you will surely feel as if you are in a fairy tale.

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Underground cities

There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia. It is believed that anciently people use to live here only. Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are the two famous amongst many. Derinkuyu is stated as the deepest excavated underground city. Kaymakli is the largest and is built under the hill called the Citadel of Kaymakli and is open to visitors. One can enjoy these long underground caves, tunnels and observe the ultimate masterpiece of architecture of ancient times. This underground city has 8 floors below ground, but only 4 are open for the visitors. These underground cities dont only have the living space, but storage spaces, kitchen and wineries as well.

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Open Air Museums

The Zelve Open Air Museum is located on the Avanos road. The Old Zelve is a ghost town. This place has a lot of large rocks for trekking purpose and is also the place with the collection of the oldest examples of the Cappadocian architectural structures and oldest religious paintings. Some of the famous and old paintings depict the religious symbols of Cappadocian culture and Christianity like the deer, cross and lot more images. One can here experience the Turkish heritage and can enjoy the awesome ancient things over there. Goreme Open Air Museum consists of monasteries and the fantastic rock cut churches with the  beautiful wall paintings. The colors of the paintings are still fresh and exotic. This place is located very near to the Goreme village center. This exhilarating church represents the finest architectural work and fresco technique paintings. This place comes under the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Must Visit Places

Pasabag Valley and Deverent Valley are two popular and must visit places in Cappadocia. Pasabag is known as monk’s valley the name is derived because of the conical structures. Simeon monk’s hermitage is also there in this valley. It is considered as the most captivating fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. Deverent Valley is famous because here you can let loose your imagination; it is also called ‘the imaginary valley’ and it is only10-15 minutes away from Goreme. This valley is famous for the rock pillar which looks like as if the Virgin Mary is holding Jesus Christ further it has many rocks which looks like animals.

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Want to Experience Troglodyte Lifestyle?

The inhabitants of Cappadocia lived many years in caves and faced many hardships as well, but if you wish to have the same experience, then the cave hotels in Cappadocia will surely grant your wish. These beautiful cave hotels offers all the amenities including delightful food, internet facility, modern bathrooms, and balconies with panoramic views. One can here have an adventure with Turkish hospitality.

Get Ready For Some Adventure

Cappadocia is also known as “ the land of horses”, so if you are in Cappadocia  and wanted to explore different landscapes in a royal way, then horse riding is the best thing you can enjoy over here. Apart from horse riding on an Anatolian or on Arab horse, here you can have a Hot Air balloon ride as well to have the heavenly view of the outstanding landscapes of Cappadocia. The real fun of the hot air balloon ride is the extreme point when the balloon reaches at a certain height and the aura becomes an eye candy for the people riding in the balloon. At a particular height one cannot swallow the ultimate beauty of nature and the natural bliss will leave you breathless for sure.

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