Goa holiday, one of the most sought-after holidays in India  

Goa is one of the most popular states of India. It is a party capital, a beach destination, a town with a checkered history, a foodie’s paradise, and more. This vacation, catch a Delhi to Goa train and get busy to explore the smallest state in India.

goa chapora fort

Goa is the smallest state in India. What’s it that makes it the popular destination in India? Exactly why could it be that people buy the Goa packages like no other holiday package in India? The clear answer is Goa itself – the ultimate beach and party destination of India. No surprise, people strive to holiday here. This becomes obvious when one crosses the boundary to reach Goa from different parts of India or elsewhere.

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To reach Goa one need not worry. There are frequent flights to serve the airport, making it possible to reach Goa quickly and conveniently. However, it might burn hole, especially if one is coming from a far off city. A rather cheaper option is a train. Numerous trains from different parts of India to serve the major railway stations in Goa, with Delhi to Goa train being amongst the most popular ones. Additionally, many take the highway to reach Goa. The roads are covered with lush green vegetation and take your breath away, courtesy to the fun and natural beauty that welcomes you on the way.

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Goan tours are managed from abroad and India. To receive the best price on the Goa holiday package is not difficult. As every operator is on search engines like Google, so the top Goa holiday packages really are a click away. It is wise to do advance booking of hotels as getting a room in the hotels could be hard. The resorts and hotels in Goa have increased over the time and one can pick from a wide window of options, ranging from service apartments to luxury hotels.   

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Dining and lodging in the Goan resorts is an excellent experience. Hospitality is the core of Goa and exactly the same is offered in every Goan high-end resorts. Every Goan high-end resort has its own charm and theme, and it is one of the things that you will love the most during your stay.

Traveling to Goa on an off season that is June to September has its merits from receiving the very best bargains on tour packages to a less packed Goa and its tourist spots. As a part of the Konkan region, Goa experiences one of the best monsoons. Being here amid monsoon is indeed a blessing as you will see the exuberant greenery is at its peak; the flora and fauna mixing and making a wonderful and charming beauty that can be enjoyed by the naked eye.

goa Basilica of Bom Jesus

A state having a solid spiritual heritage, Goa may be counted as among the significant pilgrimage centres of India. Goa houses several temples and churches that bear witness to the extreme spiritual history of the people that resided here. A couple of the most significant ones include: Brahma Temple, Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Devaki-Krishna Temple, etc.

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The beaches in Goa have a few of the finest 5 star luxury resorts and spa with the most panoramic setting. There are numerous kinds of tourist who visit Goa, and the place is loved by everyone; it’s not limited to any particular genre of tourist. You’ll meet individuals from different walks of life who have come there, just to have a great time. The waters are temperate and safe, the absence of currents is making  the beaches perfect for beginner divers and students.