Fantastic 5 trekking destinations of US

Instead of planning another beach getaway, why not try your adventurous side, like Trekking? The beauty of Mother Nature, the vistas, waterfalls, granite mountain faces and the feeling of the earth beneath your feet and that feeling you experience when standing at the edge of the cliff, give you more pleasure and thrill than what you get on a regular holiday. Trekking is fun and good for health too. The snowcapped peaks, jagged cliffs, the volcanoes and the verdant forests are all great for hiking. So, what are you waiting for grab your boots and hit the trails. The United States is a huge country with variety of awesome place to lace up your boots, get the blood and adrenaline pumping.

The following are fantastic 5 trekking destinations of US.


1. Grand Canyon

• This is one of the best trekking destinations in US. Many tourists come to the Grand Canyon every year but wander around the rim and never get down.

• Trekking at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is amazing. It takes a lot of planning for this, if you want a unique perspective consider trekking to the bottom and camping.

• Some trekking spots in the Grand Canyon are the Bright Angel Trail, which is the most popular trail for those trekking in the Canyon, its 9.5 miles long and is quite a challenge during summer months.

• The south Kaibab trail is for those descending from the South Rim. It is shorter the Bright Angel trail, but considerably steeper. Trekkers trek to the bottom of this trail and then back up the Bright Angel Trail.

• The other one is the North Rim, which is less accessible than the South Rim. This best suits trekkers who are looking to see the Canyon from a different perspective, as these are less crowded.

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Half Dome’s Cable Route, Yosemite

2. Yosemite National Park

• Yosemite national park in California is another fantastic trekking destination. There are different areas that are popular for trekking here which includes 200 foot waterfalls, hundred lakes, mountain, meadows, beaches etc.

• There are more than 800 miles of trails for easy and hardcore trekkers.

• Some of the trekking places in this park are the Yosemite Valley, which is a popular area of the park, well known for its hikes and site such as Yosemite Falls, Mirror Lake etc. The Glacier Point Road is another one for trekkers who want to experience the amazing view of the Yosemite Valley from a high point. If you love giant trees, then you must trek to the southern area of the park that is Mariposa Grove.

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Zion National Park

3. Zion National Park

• Zion National Park is a trekkers paradise it is best to explore both the depths f the canyon and various cliffs that dot the park for real trekking experience.

• Popular trekking places here are Angels Landing which is Smile round trip with great heights and narrow paths. Another popular one here is the West Wall of Zion canyon which has many different trails such as East Rims Trail, Kayenta Trail etc. If you want to get wet trekking in this place then you must trek along The Narrows. The Virgin River at the bottom of the canyon is the trail.

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4. Denali National Park

• If you want to experience some of the best rugged and untamed country trekking in United States then you must venture into Alaska and Denali National Park.

• There are not well marked and cut trails here and so trekkers have to be a little careful and all geared up for trekking.

• Trekking here gives true back country hiking experience as it present myriad of challenges.

• There are dangerous and uneven terrains and streams that trekkers might not be able to cross and so have to go around.

• Trekking here is rough in nature and it is not for those who are casual trekkers. Trekkers must carry all necessary trekking equipment for trekking in these tough trails.

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 Mount Whitney

5. Mount Whitney

• This is the mountain peak stands tall at 4, 418 meters above sea level. It is just 3 hours from Los Angeles, California.

• For trekkers who wish to get the peak experience have to trek 34.5 kilometers round trip hike on the 100 year old trail to the summit.

• This trek is only for the serious and experience trekkers and it is just half of the 16,000 people who attempt it every year reach the summit.

• The main turn back here for the trekkers is the fatigue and altitude sickness.

• There are many traverse river crossings, slick boulders etc. that hinder you from reaching the summit. But when you reach it you will be awed by the 360 degrees view.

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