Best Shopping Malls in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, shopping can be a lot of fun because the cities are full of malls and markets bursting with appealing goods. Most malls in the country are more than only shopping destinations. They have got huge gaming, entertainment and food zones as well that cater for the diverse needs of the many people who frequent them. Here are the best malls to go shopping in Sri Lanka.Majestic City

Majestic City

This multi storied shopping mall provides modern and maximum modern amenities to shoppers. Offering everything from electronic items, clothes, and various furniture items and handicrafts, visitors to this mall will definitely find everything that they could possibly want. Located on the famous Galle Road in Colombo, first time visitors to the mall will have no difficulty accessing it. This fun packed shopping mall is an all-inclusive place for adults, youth and children.


• A pool hall

• Supermarket on the ground floor

• A food court

• A modern cinema that can seat up to 400 people

• Many book shops

• Internet cafesCrescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard

It is one of the best up market shopping malls in Sri Lanka. The most significant feature of Crescat Boulevard is its terrific location. It lies next to The Cinnamon Grand, a chic and contemporary hotel located in the heart of Colombo. This mall is connected to the hotel and is situated a mere 35Km from Bandaranaike International Airport. Shopaholics will simply love this excellent shopping precinct because of the exclusive range of shops it houses. It is the perfect place to meet up with family and friends and enjoy sumptuous meals in a casual environment.


• Excellent food court

• Exclusive jewelry stores

• Cosmetics and clothing stores (leading brands)

• Batik and handicraft shops.Liberty Plaza

Liberty Plaza

It is a multi-story mall located in Colombo. It houses a wide range of shops selling some appealing products at reasonable prices. The conveniently situated Liberty Plaza attracts numerous customers because of its assortment of well-known retail outlets including Hameedias, Alankara and Antonio. The mall also offers ample parking space and a huge supermarket situated at the basement of the complex.


• Record and movie stores

• Supermarket

• Souvenir shops

• Cinema

• Great shoe shops (such as Reebok and Bettans)


It is a shopping mall that houses the most fashionable and modern in the country. When it comes to cloths, ODEL is the premier shopping destination. If you are in Colombo and you want the most cutting edge fashions with the finest fabrics, then visit ODEL. It is also a good shopping destination for cloths because prices there are considerably lower than what you would expect to see in foreign countries. Odd offers an unparalleled choice of lifestyle and fashion products in an ambience that is cozy, casual, elegant and definitely stylish.


• Only mall that exclusively blends the best of clothing style and sophistication Cargills Food City — it is rated Sri Lanka’s third most valuable brand. This mall that is dedicated to selling an assortment of foods from different parts of the world has been acknowledged for its originality in taking ultra-marketing to the masses. If you are in Colombo and you are searching for the ultimate culinary experience, this is the place to visit.

Due to the affordability of most things in Sri Lanka, it is one of the best destinations globally to go shopping. For shoppers from other countries, securing a Sri Lanka visa is quite easy via the online Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).