Leh – A Beautiful And Historic Hill Town In The Highlands Of Himalayas

Leh is at a height that only adds to the grandeur of this hill town. Its rich history and culture tell a long tale of its transformation over the years. Leh is a perfect place for tranquility, adventure, as well as spiritual nirvana. Read on.

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Centuries back royalty ran through the places of Leh like a grand virtue, but as the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh vanished and all that could remain of the Leh Palace was its ruins, the place transformed itself more into a district and a hill station over the course of time. It is today the favourite tourist destination in India and several budget hotels in Leh have opened up in the past few decades to cater to the accommodation and hospitality requirements of the visitors. Backpackers and bikers flock to Ladakh region in large numbers and hence there are several bread-and-breakfast accommodations too, in addition to the budget hotels in Leh.

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At an altitude of 3,500 meters, Leh is the highest hill town of India. The enchanting mountains, placid surroundings, clean and fresh rivers, the hint of Tibetan culture of the past, make the whole region so mesmerizing to the sight of the beholder that admiration automatically pours out in copious ways. It is that part of India which is absolutely unspoiled even in the modern times. Mud houses, stupas, monasteries, small shops, newly-opened restaurants which serve pizza as well paint a modest to ambitious picture of the town in front of a visitor. At the same time, the agricultural fields full of barley crops, several brooks of river arranging and rearranging themselves through hundreds of bends, single storey flat-roofed houses and hotels that are so typical of the region, all this perched calmly amid the lofty mountains which seem to be staring right into the depth of their own foothills is a grand sight and a magnificent experience.

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Since it is freezing cold in the area, the best time to visit Leh is considered between June to October. This is, however, not applicable to everyone since different people like different weather. So, if you wish to take the chill of the winters down your spine and savor the true flavor of the heart-warming local cuisines, any time of the year is just perfect to arrive at Leh. Leh is full of attractions and you can begin your itinerary right from the Leh Palace which bears a striking resemblance to the Potala Palace of Lhasa of Tibet. It is a 9 storey palace built in the 17th century and remains fragile today. Spituk Gompa is one of the religious sites in Leh and it was built in the 14th century. It is situated right on the runway of the Leh airport. Stok Kangri at a height of 6121 meters is a popular trekking peak and because of its altitude is recommended only for the fully fit and athletic of the tourists. Central Asian Museum is also worth a visit. When it comes to food, you can taste Himalayan, Asian, Italian, and Indian cuisines at Leh. One major attraction is the Ladakh Festival that is held in toward the end of September every year. During this time the place becomes a small carnival as polo, archery, buddhist dances, and music ceremonies are held with much fervor.

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Reaching Leh is easy as there is a direct flight from Delhi. Although traveling on a luxury bus or private taxi to reach here is an experience in itself as you cut across the terrains and mountains which are simply breathtaking in their sight. There is different range of hotels in Leh such as boutique hotels, guest houses, homestays, etc. You can make advance arrangements and bookings before you arrive.

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