Hidden Beauty in the Himalayas: Explore and Relax!

If we have one amazing opportunity in life, that is to travel around the world and discover its most amazing wonders on the highest peaks and in the best hidden places. Nothing feeds the body and mind more than the eagerness to reveal new mysteries and adopt a proper path towards further evolution every day.

The Himalayas are the perfect example of touristic attractions that manage to offer this amazing opportunity. The area waits to be discovered by everyone of us and its hidden beauty will offer our souls and mind exactly what they need to make us feel alive again. Let’s see what we should explore while visiting the Himalayas during our next traveling adventure.


Climb the Mountains in Search of Good Tidings

The highest mountains in the world seem to have been created with the purpose of reminding us how extraordinary life is when we are not too busy to notice it. Climbing the mountains in search of perfect tidings and hidden secrets will help us rediscover our purpose and achieve perfect relaxation for our mind and body.

Nature’s peace flows into those who are eager to discover its hidden beauty through the sunshine and the trees. The wind blowing through their hair while letting their freshness run wild on the highest mountain peaks is a wonderful experience shared by tourists from around the world who have chosen to discover the hidden secrets of the Himalayas during their traveling adventures.

There are various amazing destinations you can visit in the area. You will discover everything in terms of climate, geographical features and vegetation variations there. Every place seems to be different from another and this creates the wonderful magic behind this touristic destination. If we add up to this game a wide range of tribes and locals who showcase their rich culture and heritage, we will achieve a perfectly wild and valuable adventure in the mountains.


The Magic Behind the Annapurna Himal of Nepal

One of the most attractive locations from the Himalayas is the Annapurna Himal of Nepal where tourists discover the wonders of the Machapuchare which means fish tail in Nepali. A trekking experience to the Annapurna Base Camp will offer you the chance to experience the magic behind wildlife and nature in general.

Being among the most impressive peak towers and on your way to the Sanctuary will prove to be un unforgettable experience for the seeker of mysteries that you are. The highest peak there is visible on sunny days from Pokara. Just let your imagination flow and allow your body to experience the natural adventure of climbing the highest mountain peaks during your next trip to the Himalayas and you will have a lot to share with friends when you come back home.


Discover the Secret Garhwal Section of the Himalayas in India

India is a place of hidden treasures and valuable cultural heritage waiting to be discovered by tourists from around the globe. If we combine the Indian experience with the secret adventure in the Himalayas this means that we have discovered the secrets behind the Garhwal Area.

Visiting the Shivling, a spectacular peak lying there will become the greatest new discovery in your life. The magic behind this place has only been discovered by those who have been on pilgrimage adventures in the Himalayas. Glimpses of this peak have also been revealed in the popular movie Meru that has turned into one of the best documentaries of the adjacent peak known under the same name.


The whole place is full of historic richness through its clear reference to the sacred Hindu of Shiva Linga. 1974 is the year when it was first climbed and since then, only some of the most passionate climbers have managed to win the battel against the steep rock faces.

Wise people always say that a life that was lived well is one in which the soul and mind of the human have discovered new secrets. The whole magic behind beauty relies on natural discoveries and amazing traveling adventures that reveal the wonders of the world on the highest mountain peaks. The Himalayan experience has been and will always remain the perfect choice for trekking adventures meant to change your life.

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