Top 5 countries to visit during winters

The best vacation of your life doesn’t have to happen in the middle of July. Some places are more beautiful in winter, indeed. Here are the top 5 countries for a winter vacation in the world.


One of the reasons why Switzerland is on this list is the skiing. Ski resorts are numerous here and the Swiss even have traditions like group sleigh rides in the Engadine. When visiting Switzerland, visitors often visit the amusement park Interlaken. However, the best time to visit Switzerland the time around Christmas. Carol singing is very popular here. In addition, remember the fact that Switzerland is the home of the best chocolate. Can you think of a better season for enjoying a delicious hot chocolate than winter?


Here is another country where snow is the main ingredient for having fun. Dog sledging, snowboarding, skiing or driving a snowmobile can the activity you’ll enjoy on the slopes in Norway. Only here you can see the only Northern lights and the best time to enjoy them is during winter. Visitors coming around Christmas shouldn’t skip the Christmas market and Gingerbread town. In January, Norwegians organize their biggest Film festival in Tromso, while the Ice Climbing festival in Rjukan is held in February.equador


For those who want to escape the cold, the best place to travel during winter is Ecuador. Ecuadorians really enjoy their endless summer with many fun activities, such as surfing, hiking, cycling and exploring the jungle. When in Ecuador, the avenue of volcanoes in Panamericana is a must, and so is the Equator line. While you’re there, visit the Galapagos Islands situated some 1000 km off the coast and discover the beauty Darwin discovered long ago. Don’t forget the equator line.


Austrian Alps are the perfect place for spending the winter vacation. However, there are other places in Austria that are as beautiful in winter, such as Vienna and Salzburg. The charming capital offers many cultural events, breathtaking museums and romantic castles. Winter is the best time to visit museums such as Sch6nbrunn. Belvedere, and the Hofburg, since there are less tourists. Don’t miss Le Grand Bal in the Hofburg on New Year’s Eve. In Salzburg, on the other hand, you will find majestic mountains, and the famous Lake District. The two cities are not so far-away, therefore a car ride is the best option for visiting both cities in short time This may be the right time to book a DSA driving test, isn’t it?


The one-in-the-world Ice & snow festival is held in Harbin, China. This unique event shouldn’t be the only reason China should be on your bucket list. Only here you can have a real Chinese New Year, of course, which is a great time for sampling some of the best Chinese food or enjoy an afternoon in a hot spring. Winter can be worn in China too, if you’re in Xiamen or Hainan, where people enjoy the sun on the beach even in January.

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