7 Vacation destinations that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

A vacation to some destinations can be very overwhelming and one might end up spending a fortune. Accommodation and sightseeing can turn out to be very expensive for an individual who travels on a budget. For those looking for cheap holidays, the following are some of the best destinations to go on a vacation without breaking the bank:

Guatemala-Central America

For those planning to visit Central America, instead of going to Panama or Costa Rica, it is advisable to go to Guatemala as it works out cheaper. Here, one can visit:

• Rain forests

• Beaches

• Mountains

• Ancient ruins

A visitor can easily attain a room for a night at less than $20 and end up spending just a few dollars on meals. Tourist attractions in Guatemala can be visited at only $35 dollars a day, which is cheap compared to other locations.

Laos-Southeast Asia

A traveler can head to the landlocked Laos which is bordered by Cambodia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This destination thrives in natural scenic wonders and it has a rich culture, making it a popular tourist destination. Here, a visitor can find a room to sleep for less than $10 a night. One can find delicious street foods that cost about a dollar, but if one decides to dine in a restaurant, he/she will spend just a couple of dollars. An individual traveling to Laos can spend about $20 to $30 a day.

Romania-eastern Europe

Here, there are numerous historical interests that one can visit here. It is a place where one can learn more about the interesting culture cost effectively. One can visit Romania on a budget of about $30 to $40 by staying in hostels and eating delicious meals from middle class restaurants available.


Since Nepal is not a rich country itself, one gets budget rooms and meals for just a few dollars. There are numerous tourist attractions that one can enjoy. If one chooses to scout around populated areas, it is possible to spend less than $10 a day, but if one chooses to take a trekking tour, it might be possible to spend more Nepal vacation can cost around $30 per day.


This is another affordable destination that is very cheap, especially during recession. The majority of travelers who are under budget find this destination great since they can get hostels for less than $10. A traveler can also enjoy delicious gyros and street foods for about $2 to $3 a meal. A vacation to Greece can cost a traveler about $40 a day.


This is a great country loaded with awesome scenery, outstanding culture, amazing landmarks, and amazing infrastructure. In India, one can get a room ranging in price from luxury to comfort level. Food is also delicious in India. Here, one can spend about $20 to $35 a day.



This is a country that is rich in great scenery and culture. Here, a traveler can pay anything from $2 to $10 a night. Also, one can enjoy street foods that are just amazing. A vacation to Cambodia can cost a visitor about $20 to $30 a day, although some report to spend about $10 a day.

Moving from one attraction to another and having to enjoy what a destination has to offer can be expensive, especially if one is using public means of transport. To have a more affordable vacation, one can choose to hire a car to drive around the country. However, to effectively drive around, one needs to go through a driving test. One can book a DSA driving test online and have a memorable vacation.