Top 5 Cities for Automotive Enthusiasts

Whether you prefer muscle cars, super cars, classic cars, cruising, off-reading and race cars or just plain getting your hands dirty in an engine, some cities are considered better than others in the quest of all automotive machines. These cities are mostly preferred for the hairpin and horsepower turns, often attracting automotive enthusiasts from all over the globe. Some of the top 5 cities for Automotive Enthusiasts include;

Los Angeles

If you are searching for lots of automotive clubs and miles of stunning coastline, driving, then Los Angeles is your best choice. This city is known for its originating car culture and provides an array of car themed museums and vehicle design studios inclusive.

This city also exposes automotive enthusiasts to mountains and oceans offering some of the best driving moments. With the diverse types of vehicles you will surely enjoy your driving experience in this city. The only issue with LA is the smog, congested traffic and continuous inspection that highly affect the driving flow.


Automotive enthusiasts rank the city of Austin as one of the top driving cities in the globe. It has an approximate of 300 days of sunshine, perfect for driving conditions and lower insurance rates that fit anyone willing to drive there. Additionally, the winding hill state environ the city makes for scenic Sunday drives is favorite for the automotive enthusiasts and is appropriate, whether they prefer hitting the road solo or taking their families along for the

Daytona Beach

Keeping with the tune of sunny and warm climates, Daytona Beach provides more than just surf and sun. This is considered the home of the Daytona International Speedways, and is one of the most famous raceways in the globe and also the host of the ancient Daytona 500. Because of the exact tract, there are always a lot of automotive events to attend, and it’s the best place to make friends with similar automotive interests.


This is a real automotive city and is generally referred to as the Motor City. This city has nothing to do with the city’s atrocious rush hour traffic and that is usually not a threat to automotive enthusiasts. Detroit is the home of the car industry, serving as headquarters for the General Motors and the American Axle just to mention but a few.


In case classic, antique or vintage vehicles are where your heart belongs, then Oregon, Portland should be one of your top places to visit. According to the Fox news, the town is stated to lack snow and has beautiful sceneries that make it popular among other cities. It is certain that you will surely see several stunning pieces of vehicles every moment you retire from your homes, that’s a sign of quality.


In conclusion, therefore, the best city for vehicle driving would be one where you have exciting and fun roads within the city, and then maybe something like the ravines in LA somewhere just outside it; close contiguity to places where you can really squeeze the hell out of the vehicle just after your dsa driving test.