Why India is an Ideal Base for Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is a term that has emerged from the rapid growth of an industry, which is making people traveling all around the world for medical reasons. At the same time, they are also enjoying the benefits of vacationing, sightseeing and visiting several attractions of different destinations. The question arises that why anyone would choose India for medical tourism especially when there are several countries in the world offering great medicinal preferences.Why India is an Ideal Base for Medical Tourism2

With first-class chains of hospitals, high-tech medical facilities & infrastructure and experienced medical professionals, India has steadily turned into a great destination for tourists to enjoy here flawless medical care. Key reasons to visit India for medical tourism are:

  • Well-organized infrastructure and technological advancements
  • Well developed health insurance market and National medical systems
  • Affordable hospital expanses
  • Efficient & Expert Medical Practitioners

The healthcare industry overview shows that the medical infrastructure and technology in this country is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe. This is the reason for growth of medical tourism in India. Some of the most popular treatments offered in India are medical tourists are bone-marrow transplantation, cardiac bypass surgery & eye surgery and orthopedic surgery. It is mainly famous for heart surgery & hip resurfacing and various other aspects of superior medicine.

Packages for Medical Treatment

Dental Care Packages

India is visited by million numbers of travelers from USA and Europe having purpose of holidaying along with taking dental treatment. In India, the cost of dental treatment is 7-10 times lesser than that in western countries. Due to the low cost, people come to India for taking this treatment and enjoying holidays as well.Why India is an Ideal Base for Medical Tourism3

Heart Surgery Packages

With complete medical consultancy and best medical advice, taking a heart surgery package in India becomes a matter of relief for the travelers. In this surgical package, taking domiciliary care and living in the same place becomes a compulsion. In India, patient is special & personal care that helps them in recovering soon. Along with heart surgery, we also offer heart care package in which some major Indian hospitals are very famous.

Cosmetic Treatment Packages

In India, Cosmetic surgery is given to the patients by using most up-to-date techniques in curative procedures. Some of these are hair implantation, reshaping the nose, skin-lifting, and Otoplasty for several facial parts including cheeks, chins and ears. There are several other treatment and reformations that can be done using cosmetic treatments.Why India is an Ideal Base for Medical Tourism4

India also offers orthopedic surgery, childcare treatment, beauty & body treatments and skin & hair treatments. Apart from typical medical treatment and surgeries, it is a land where several diseases and illness are being cured using traditional scientific means of cure & healing. These treatments are comprised of Ayurveda, yoga & meditation. This medicinal treatment offers the most natural method of healing using several natural elements. In India, there are several spa resorts where such holistic treatments are given to the guests for curing their mental and physical illness. To know the details of medical tourism in India.