10 Top Tourist Attractions in India

India is the most colorful, engaging and life-affirming countries in the world, with its rich culture, recreation parks, seasonal foods, diversified geographical landscapes and variety of historical monuments. It has many exciting sceneries that attract millions of tourists every year.

The best period to visit India when the weather is favorable is between late October i.e. End of monsoon season and mid-March before the weather changes to extreme hot and humid. Tourist are able to indulge in activities like ice skating, skiing, yachting during winter season, mountain biking and even they are able to enjoy a variety of delicious seasonal food. For the tourist how visit India during the monsoon season the best foods are Pakoras, hot soap, Kachoris and Kadak or masala Chai. However, during this period avoid outside foods due to damp streets which acts as a breeding place of most insects, also avoid seafood like fish, crabs, prawn since it is their breeding season hence you may end up having stomach infections.

Below is a list of top ten Tourist Attraction cites in India.

-Taj Mahal: This is the most recognizable tourist attraction site located in Agra. It is an immense mausoleum of white domed marble of the World with its epic love story behind it and of external love. It also includes several beautiful buildings, extensive ornamental gardens with flowering trees and reflecting pools.

– Goa: This is a famous tourist destination cite with its excellent beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Portuguese churches and Hindu temples Goa is located in the south west of India in an area called Konkan. It has two main tourist seasons i.e. Winter and summer. It has a famous and unique event called Goa carnival which is celebrated with colorful masks, drums, reverberating musings and dance performances

– Ajanta Caves: These are 31 rock-cut caves monuments located in Maharashtra that existed since the 2nd century BC. Their isolation contributed to the fine state of preservation in which some paintings and sculptures in it remains up to date the well preserved murals portrays everything from battlefields to sailing ships. This unique cave attracts many tourists in India.

Harmandi Sahib: This is the Golden Temple. It is the most important religious place for the Sikhs. It was constructed by Guru Ram Dast in the 16th century, which was covered with gold on the upper floors of the temple with thousands of pilgrims from all over India makes it an exciting place to visit.

– Jim Corbett National Park: This is the oldest and among the most beautiful wildlife reserves in India, located in Naintal district. It is the best place where the tourist is able to catch a glimpse of the endangered Bengal Indian tigers. It has grassy meadows, bamboo forest and ravines that provide a unique attraction cite.

– Palolem: This most developed and beautiful beach in India. It is a natural bay surrounded by lofty headlands on each side, resulting in a calm and gently sloping bed.

– Virupaksha Temple: This temple is located in the city of Hampi that started as a small shrine and grew into a large, complex temple that attract tourists. -Kerala backwaters: These are a chain of lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast in Kerala state. It holds many unique species of aquatic life like mud skippers, water birds, crabs and turtles. Today it is the most popular tourist attraction sites in India.