Unique things to enjoy on your Mumbai vacation

As one visits Mumbai wishing for an amazing vacation, it is ideal to start making arrangements well ahead of time. These include, booking hotel rooms, booking a Delhi to Mumbai train, checking PNR status, etc. Mumbai is a beautiful and bustling city, filled with a large assortment of tourist attractions. Plus, some amazing getaways exist near the city, simply making the vacation merrier.


mumbai amazing tour

Mumbai is the widely known commercial capital of India, situated on the country’s western coast. It is a part of Maharashtra state – a place where the Marathas ruled, and is also the capital of the state. It is perhaps the most glamorous city in India and home to rich Indian as well as the largest slum in India. The fact quite ironic, considering that there are some of the wealthiest people of the world living in the city who have no shortage of any kind of luxury or convenience, still a majority of Mumbai’s population is poor. Nevertheless, the city continues to bewitch large counts of travelers from across the nation as well as the globe thanks to the large count of tourist attractions and allures available in the city; each being unique and interesting. Start well advance of time to get cheap Delhi to Mumbai train or book cheap hotel rooms. Plus, if you start making arrangements ahead of the journey date, it also reduces/eliminates the latter hassles.


There is no denying a Mumbai vacation is generally fun and memorable. However, when on a Mumbai vacation, make a point to visit the nearby getaways. Not just they serve as the added attractions to the tourists, but many also use them as their ideal weekend escapes from the city.


Pickled Joy at Tarkarli –

If you’re searching for a place less heard, the place where you should be is Tarkarli, which is a locality of Malvan. Golden shores come as a refreshing and peaceful break, and its natural environment makes up for a perfect escape from the fast paced life in Mumbai. Renowned tourist places here include, backwaters of Karli, Achra Beach, Dhamapur Lake as well as the famed Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple. The food in this part of the country is just delectable. Interestingly Tarkarli is famous because of its pickles that are a blast of spices. So make sure you take some back home. The area is best seen in the months between October to March and it is best to take along the cameras in order to get some clicks that are really scenic.

chutney dish

Dehna ‘s chutney and spices-

The women, particularly those who always love to cook and feed others and at the same time as those men, who see rustling up dishes are sure to enjoy this place, called Dehna. Close to the forested region of the Western Ghats, this holiday place is a welcome relief away from the pollution of larger cities. If you ask, you may get the permission to work on a farm here and acquire some experience on rural India. Indeed a new experience for any backpacker. The booths in the neighborhood marketplace here, let one grind their particular chilies and spices and you then could possibly become involved in assembly and the chopping of wood to build a perfect bonfire, if it is in your head. The chief tourist attraction here is the Valmiki Ashram that has been constructed by the villagers in a price of a whopping 3,500 INR., do not forget to eat the ‘Bhakhar,’ a chapatti that’s made from the chutney and rice of chilies.