5 Tourist attractions in Goa you need to visit

Goa can easily be called as the most beloved holiday destination in India. A large number of international voyagers arrive at the shore destination annually to sink in the idleness of Goa. It’s these incredibly popular tourist destinations that everyone wishes to see and they’re also some of the well kept secrets that not many know about. Here are some of these amazing places to explore in Goa. Before venturing out, it is best advised to check your Bangalore to Goa train timings.


Besides the lovely beaches of Goa, the hippy nightclubs, as well as the casinos are worth visiting. Goa is home to a number of the amazing places known for their historical value and architectural attractiveness. From churches and garrisons to temples, there’s a good deal and this is a list of the greatest. If you’re interested in checking these amazing places, then don’t forget to check your Bangalore to Goa train timings before venturing out. Take a look at some of these famous places in Goa.

goa chapora fort

Chapora Fort, Bardez Though the Chapora Fort came into our collective consciousness in 2001 with the Bollywood film Dil Chahta Hai. The garrison is situated in Bardez, dominating the Vagator beach in north Goa. The fortress was constructed in the 18th century, nevertheless, there have been other fortresses which were built right before the arrival of the Portuguese who subsequently invaded the place.

goa Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Bainguinim The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the iconic monument in Goa. Among the oldest it’s among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Goa. Seen by a large number of tourists throughout the year, the Basilica of Bom Jesus houses the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier that’s maintained her in a silver coffin.

goa mangeshi temple

Mangueshi Temple, Ponda This is revered by Hindus in the area and is among the largest temples in Goa. The deity of the temple is Lord Manguesh who’s reported to be an avatar of Shiva. It’s thought the temple was positioned in Salcette. Yet after mass religious conversion, the deity was brought by a group of Hindus to where it now goes. This temple was constructed in 1560.

Se Cathedral, Velha Se Cathedral, initially named Se Catedral de Santa Catarina, was built in 1510 by the Portuguese to observe their triumph over the Mughal military and earn complete charge of Goa. The cathedral gets its name from Saint Catherine, whose arrival anniversary coincided with the day of the Portuguese success. The cathedral had two columns, one on both sides, yet, one of them fell in 1776 and hasn’t yet been reconstructed since.

shanta durga temple

Shantadurga Temple, Verem This is just one more temple, which was ruined during the Portuguese rule. It’s thought that the first temple with all the goddess was situated in South Goa in Quelossim. Nevertheless, it was shortly brought in Verem to Kavalam. The temple is made in Indo Portuguese styles of architecture. Legend has it that Vishnu and Shiva had an argument that did not come to an end, despite Brahma’s intervention. That is when Brahma begged the dispute to be solved by Parvati and she did it in the kind of Shantadurga. As a way to bring peace in order, Shiva was put by her to her right to her left and Vishnu. This really is among the very well-known temples in Goa and also you need to take time to really go see it on your journey.