Some wonderful getaways near Bangalore city

Bangalore and its excellent getaways are perfect for spending a wonderful vacation. The region encompassing the city and the neighboring getaways is full of vibrancy and wonders of nature as well as the ones that are created by man. Find out the Chennai to Bangalore train timings time table, seat availability, PNR status, etc. online and get going to explore the region.

bangalor palace

Bangalore is a popular city in South India considering it is the largest and most significant hub of Information Technology in India. However, if one tries to see past the large commercial hubs and large business houses, they will find out that the city is bestowed with some amazing wonders. In fact, it is a perfect place to visit on a vacation. So, use the web to find out different factors related to your Bangalore vacation, like popular places to visit, Chennai to Bangalore train timings, hotels, etc. and start making arrangements well ahead of your journey date.

bangalore to ooty road trip

As tourism is getting popular in India, it is becoming a tendency these days for a backpacker to head for somewhere to spend the weekend. As one is given the chance to unwind and let their hair down on their weekend escape from the city lights, it is this type of holiday is tremendously welcomed.

Here are a few spots, which are perfect for weekend escapes from Bangalore city:

kudhle beach

Kudle Beach

It takes around 8 hours as you cover 518 km to get to a spot called Gorkana. This is an area full of shores and sand. The Om shore here is exceptionally well-known as it’s believed to bear some connection to the Hindu symbol. Additionally, Half-moon, Paradise, and Kudle are the alternative beaches for people wishing to avoid the crowds when they visit Gorkana. If one loves different water sports like snorkeling or water skiing, visiting the beaches in and Gokarna might be the next adventure that you are searching. Parasailing is yet another activity here in the beaches for the adventure sports fans. It is advisable to not miss out on this spot, and it might be good to get there just as soon as possible.

madikeri tour


If you ask anyone in south India about their most ideal weekend getaway, and they’ll direct to one spot called Madikeri. It has found much success over time and is approximately 260 kilometers from Bangalore. A lot of people flock to the area made famous by excellent treks and its own tea produce. Besides trying the varieties grown in the area and seeing tea plantations, you need to make a reminder to get to Abbey Falls, which pulls in plenty of crowds every year.

Grover Zampa Winery

Grover Zampa Winery

Basically, this area is a peace lovers’ heaven. The wineries in the Nandi hills really are an excellent choice to visit on a weekend getaway from Bangalore. Grover Zampa is a great winery for one to sip perhaps the best wine you have ever had and to see the beautiful surroundings. Great trekking trails, delicious food and drinks, camping facilities as well as a welcoming crowd – this is what one gets at this place. Your loved ones will likely be extremely grateful to you for providing them this adventure that is unforgettable. The area is exuberant and rich of flora and fauna. You’re sure to remove all the anxiety and worry wandering the place and enjoying its hospitality. Sour and sweet wines make up for a fantastic relaxing vacation here.