Travel Tips for the True Adventurer

Adventure travel has always been an exhilarating experience and you should be well geared physically and mentally to do so. Adventure travel would be embracing risk and enjoying the great outdoors and sometimes even stepping out of your comfort zone. Here are a few tips that you should consider before you plan your big adventure.

Tip 1 – Understanding what Adventure Travel is – It should be active and a unique experience of a remote or exotic destination together with like minded people and guided by professionals. The main objective should be to explore wildlife, beautiful landscapes, fascinating foreign cultures etc. You will have to travel by foot, dugout canoes and safari jeeps while you will have to face all sorts of weather conditions. Physical fitness is a necessity, but average fitness is sufficient to enjoy some low caliber adventure travel. Camping out is an addition and you should not panic at the idea.

ImageTip 2 – Pick a Destination – Adventure travel can be hard to choose due to the vast number of options and destinations. Therefore, it is wise to choose your destination early. Decide among the group and pick a travel destination that all agree. If you are new to adventure travel, then you should decide on something that has a good track record.

Tip 3 – Decide on the level of Physical Challenges – You can match any level of physical fitness with the myriad of adventure trips that are available today. Usually, adventure trips are rated as easy, moderate and demanding. Make sure that a proper study of the evaluations is carried out for different companies offer different ratings.

Easy Trips – African safaris, culture and nature oriented trips. Hikes and camping are optional.

Moderate Trips – 4 or 5 days of camping along with daily hikes that can range from 4 – 6 hours per day while the terrain is not too difficult.

Demanding Trips – Longer days with steeper hiking terrain and probably altitudes up to 19,000 feet while you will have to be extremely fit.

Tip 4 – Deciding on the Variety – Every individual has different taste when it comes to adventure travel. Therefore, make sure that you plan ahead. Some people might like to stick to one area while others will need to explore more on a daily basis. You can choose any type of adventure trip.

Tip 5 – Decide on the Price Range – There is a budget that you have to plan in any type of adventure travel. It can range from £2,000 – £20,000 while it all depends on the type of travel and your ultimate travel destination. Most adventure travel companies offer you entire packages which are inclusive of airfare. Exotic experiences can cost more while you can decide on low budget camping to luxury camps with all facilities.

Tip 5 – Compare – Talk to people who have already had the opportunity to enjoy such a trip. Word of mouth information is important, especially if you are planning on engaging on an adventure travel plan overseas.

About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share about traveling tips and about Holidays in Botswana.