Top Luxury Hotels in Bangkok for Newlyweds

A wedding cannot just be complete without a good celebration to wind it up. As such, you just need to make your celebration to be in a unique and most auspicious place that will last in your memories forever. Though there are many places where newlyweds can go and have the best of their honeymoon Bangkok just stands out. There are quite unique features and great things to experience in Bangkok that can make a honeymoon memorable. One of this is the luxury hotels available for newlyweds, there are so many such hotels in Bangkok offering class services for newlyweds.
They include:
The Sukothai hotel
This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok and it is most suitable for the newlyweds. The serene environment around the hotel with beautiful pools oversize baths, and even teak-floored bathrooms make this just and awesome place to be for honey money. What is even more amazing is that the location is just within reachable distance and one will not have any problems with transportation. This means that you can have all the time to move around and still be able to get to your room to rest with much ease.

Royal orchard Sheraton hotel and towers
The mere glance of the Sheraton hotel just brings about an aura of loves and a tingly sensation of romance. This is just a place with what it needs to have a luxurious honeymoon. The newlyweds can enjoy the spacious rooms, the swimming pools, spa and just an arcade to chill out. The most amazing thing is that the newlyweds get a chance to ride on the river and just enjoy the beautiful scenery around it. Indeed, this is just a luxurious place for newlyweds.

Shangri la hotel
This just offers the newlyweds a great riverside honeymoon experience. As such, the couples just get a chance to get into a romantic indulgence that can just take the honeymoon to a magical level. The packages they offer are best suited for the newlyweds. They include a daily breakfast buffet for two, which is always in the Horizon club lounge. An international buffet for two, an afternoon high tea, a bottle of wine, a spa treatment that comes at 25% discount.

Praya palazzo

What you get here is exactly what makes one feel that it is a romantic and most luxurious honeymoon hotel. You are just given a candlelight dinner and to just make your entire stay romantic you get rose-sprinkled king size bed. This is perfectly a place where you can be able to enjoy and intimate relationship with your newly found love. Their prices are affordable, but they still manage to give you a romantic luxurious treat.

Devi Garh Lebua
It just presents a hilltop place built in the 18th century, but with a great and implacable experience for the newlyweds. It just gives a relaxed serene environment where the newlyweds can just go out and enjoy their moments. The place is built a distance from the city which makes it possible for people to avoid the bustle and hustle of city dwellers.
Indeed there is no other place you can find an amazing treat for newlyweds if not in Bangkok. This is just a place one should put on the wish list if you are planning to have a wedding.