Top 5 most recommended tourist places near Gwalior

If you are in the exploration of the North-Western India, the Gwalior is a significant tourism stop, that you should checkout. It is so because, it is an ancient city with glittering history, and is bestowed with several remnants from the past.

To point out the facts, the city is the birth-place of the great musician Tansen. In addition, it was the seat of power and economy to the Rajputs, and subsequently the British. It is also important to mention the powerful Scindia clan, when the history of Gwalior is in consideration. It is so because, the Scindia Klan played an important role in nurturing and forming the history of the city. If you are the admirer of history and have an interest in the ancient Indian architectural styles, this is the city you should head to. Gwalior tourism is primarily composed of palaces, forts, tombs, temples, parks, and other monuments. Plus, the fair and festivals in the city are also major points of interest to the visitors.

It is also advised that when one is in the city, then he should experience the genuine hospitality of the city. The regal hospitality that one is offered with here is simply unforgettable and overwhelming. The uber-luxurious 5 Star hotels in Gwalior simply take care of all your accommodation needs and offer you the best stay-related comforts and conveniences.

There is no-doubt, a lot to do and a lot to explore in this ancient city. However, if you are touring the city, then there are certain other interesting and fun tourist places near Gwalior, that one can explore. Some of these include:jaipur tour

Jaipur: It is yet another medieval city neighboring Gwalior. The distance between the two is about 327.8 km and ideally it takes 5 hours 30 minutes to cover the distance, by road. It is advised that you head for the road trip to cover the distance, because they are simply fun and filled with adventure.agra tour

Agra: Prominently, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is the home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Taj Mahal. The distance between the two cities is about 119. 4 km, and it takes around 2 hours 9 minutes to reach Agra by road. Again, the road trips are the best way to reach Agra.

Havana: The city is popularly known as the place where lovers meet. It is a beautiful city with free lifestyle. It is the city’s romantic charm and lovely fervor that immediately grabs your attention, making you fall in love with the city.

Jabalpur: It is a paradise located right at the heart of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also religiously significant city as it is the venue of several religious rituals, festivals, and events. Head to the city, when done with Gwalior tourism, it is certain that you’ll have an amazing experience.

Jhansi: Exploration of northern India is simply incomplete if one skips this city. It is probably most known for being a historically significant city, on the reference of Rani Laxmi Bai and her fight for freedom. Besides, it is also a nature blessed city consisting of several picturesque locations.

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