Are there Good Hotels near Marine Drive?

Mumbai, the financial capital of the country is known for its varied attractions among which the most notable one is Marine Drive. Some of the best hotels are situated near Marine Drive. Mumbai has emerged to be the commercial capital of India. With time, it has developed itself to be the city of great interest to people, especially to them who want to build a career in the field of acting, as the famous film industry of Bollywood is headquartered in Mumbai.marine drip

There are a lot of opportunities for working in other sectors as well; hence the city derived the title of being the capital of the country, in terms of commerce. Not only for working, but for tours and travelling do people come to the city as there are a lot of historical as well as other beautiful places in the city that would worth seeing.

The boulevard of marine drive has been the most famous road of Mumbai, stretching 4.3 kilometers along the sea shore in a curving manner that connects the south and the north of the city together. This place is of great interest to not only the people residing in the city but also to the tourists. Therefore, it is quite understandable that a number of accommodation facilities are available around the particular place. There are a number of hotels near marine drive, some of which are discussed briefly:Hotel Royal Castle

Hotel Royal Castle: The hotel is situated at August Kranti Marg, which is located at a distance of 1.8 kilometers from the Chowpatty Bazaar. The hotel can be reached within 5 minutes, if someone is driving a car from the marine drive. One can get assistance from the hotel’s own help desk in order to explore the beautiful sites within the city. The hotel provides a Wi-Fi network and consists of rooms of various packages. This can be a good choice as it is one of the most familiar hotels near marine drive.the orchid mumbai

The Orchid: The orchid is one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels near marine drive. The hotel is widely popular among the tourists because of the facilities it renders. It provides many facilities, such as the availability of Wi-Fi in every room, special dining facilities, free parking, golf course and many more nearby. Apart from cash, the hotel accepts credit cards as well.Oakwood Premier Mumbai

Oakwood Premier Mumbai: This hotel can easily compete with the others, if a game show is hosted regarding the best luxurious hotel of the city. The hotel has some amazing work done in terms of interior decoration and customer satisfaction. Hence, this can be regarded as one of the best hotels near marine drive.

These hotels do have roofs at an amazing attitude, hence allowing the visitors a view that would allow them to see the entire city including the Arabian Sea. The best view can be witnessed when the evening starts falling on the lands. One can be able to see a city with tremendous lighting, which might transform emotions in the mind of the person, as it is guaranteed that they have not seen such beauty before, in their entire lifetime. Therefore be ready, this season you might like to travel to Mumbai and witness the beauty itself.

Author Bio: Anjali is a travel enthusiast currently associated with ixigo, an online travel search engine. She writes about travel destinations and tour guides. This time she has written about some of the best hotels near Marine Drive in Mumbai. Hope the information helps you to plan your trip.