Top 3 Unique Travel Destinations to Visit in Europe

Europe is one continent that is not as big as compared to the others. It’s a like one third of Africa and a quarter of Asia. But size isn’t anything as compared to the numerous attraction site and technological advancement that Europe enjoys. The kind of infrastructural development in this continent is way above board, thus a favorite destination for tourists to visit. Europe boasts of being home to stunning attractions and unique places such as monuments, museums, national park archaeological sites and many others the list is endless. Talk of most unique and amazing shopping centers, unique cultures, stunning romantic location, all these are found in Europe. Millions of tourists visit this great continent to witness the beauty of this continent which Muse d`Orsay museum

· Muse d`Orsay museum

The muse D`Orsay museum is one unique and exciting travel destination to visit in France Europe. This museum is located in the capital of France, Paris and is full of historical materials and artifacts, wide collection of paintings thus unique destination for those who love history and art. The paintings which are portrayed on the walls of the museum are from famous renowned world artists such as pisarro, van Gogh among others. You will just be amazed at the magnificent artworks that have been used to make this painting. The paintings are unique in their own sense due to the fact that it uses impressionism paintings that focus using bold colors with natural and outdoor settings. Make a visit to this unique museum and you will be completely amazed by the uniqueness of the exhibitions displayed here.Coromandel peninsula hot water beach in New Zealand

· Coromandel peninsula hot water beach in New Zealand
This is another world’s most favorite beach that is quite unique and receives many visitors round the globe. The spectacular thing about this beach is that the water here is hot. This is as a result of volcanic eruptions which led to the development of underground reservoirs of hot water, which comes to the surface as warm water. The activity that people engage in while on this beach is digging up hot tubs made off the sand around the beach and they relax themselves there. It is quite a good life time experience that cannot be found anywhere else apart from this wonderful beach in

· Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary is another unique travel destination to visit in Europe. Budapest has become a new favorite destination for many and is considered as the most beautiful and stunning city in the whole of Europe. What is unique about this city is the distinctive architecture of buildings and the romantic setting experienced from Danube River. This is one city that is rich in history as it is full of historical artifacts dating back to thousands of years ago. This city is just but marvelous, want to try a different kind of bar? Ruin pubs and garden bars are the other unique thing in this city that you should try while on a visit here. Unique luxury hotels are also in plenty here such as the former residence of the prime minister or the aristocrat’s palace which was also converted to hotels. Make an Esta application now and get to visit these top unique travel destinations in Europe.