The Top Hill Stations in India

India, the major portion of the Indian subcontinent, its coast is 7,517 kilometers, consists of the following: 43% sandy beaches, 11% rocky coast including cliffs, and 46% mud flats or marshy coast. India’s climate is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert, both of which drive the monsoons.

India is a haven of mountains with great ranges like the Himalayas, Niligiris and Aravallis nestled in this place. One can enjoy some of the most fascinating sporting activities in these stations like trekking, kayaking, skiing, Paragliding, mountain biking, ballooning, angling, rock climbing, mountaineering, skating etc. These popular hill stations are thronged with tourists throughout the year. Here are top hill stations in the country. These are not ranked, but have been listed in random order. Different tourists prefer different places in accordance with their tastes and preferences. Just take a look:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Darjeeling:
Darjeeling is green and beautiful, with the quirky toy trains and the quaint ropeways. Its green mist is a tantalizer to the eye, the tea estates are lovely, and the temples & gardens can make a beautiful dent in your heart. Good food, simple locals and a superb ambience- Darjeeling is just too heavenly for a mortal!shimla hill station

2. Shimla:
Shimla too is a popular hill station where you will never find a dull moment. It is scenic and panoramic with a number of attractions to keep you busy. If Glen Hill is scenic, then the Mall is entertaining while the Scandal Point is scandalous, and the Christian Church is calming. Sports also find a great corner at this place where you can enjoy skiing, skating and a lot of things. kodaikanal

3. Kodaikanal:
Kodaikanal wasn’t that popular a few years back. But its simplicity and purity cannot lay undiscovered and hidden any longer. Travelers have discovered its joys and the whole world is making a dash to this hill station where nature is playful and pure. Its forests, hills and skies are right out of a fairy tale book.

4. Munnar:
Kerala-bound tourists love to spend a day or two (if not more) in the beautiful Munnar. With spice & coffee plantations and some lovely flora & fauna, Munnar is the Kohinoor of Kerala.

5. Ooty:
Ooty is another beguiling town in south India and sits perched up on the lap of the Nilgiris. It is quiet and saint-like, and can be unnerving in terms of ecstasy. Ooty Lake is one of the most romantic corners in the country. And all the Ooty hotels are not just well-equipped, but are very cheap.

Special Mention Kashmir: Kashmir merits a special mention because of its quaintness and chastity. It has some captivating lakes like the Dal Lake whose crystal waters have been reflected in celluloid on so many occasions. Kashmir’s hypnotism is bound to take you by surprise, since the Himalayas are at their sheer best in the region. There are some local mosques like the Jama Masjid and pilgrim destinations like the Vaishno Devi temple to add to the spiritual charm.

All the tourists need to have an Indian visa to visit these marvelous Hill Stations