Top 7 Things to do in Kerala

Kerela, Surrounded by Arabian sea has long stretched rivers, golden beaches, abundant flora and fauna which are exhilarating, enchanting and enthralling all around and hence stands on the top of the valued destinations in INDIA. This ‘Gods own Country’ has been serving well in its fine flavors for nearly 600 years. So before you embark your journey here is a cherry- picked list of must to do things so as to get you under the skin of this incredible state for relaxing and rejuvenating.

1. Backwaters in Kerela

The best thing to start your journey in kerela is to plan a languid boat ride on the settle, placid backwaters where you would find yourself sailing in between coconut plantations, palm fringed landscape, houses lined on the side and the wildlife. Don’t miss to witness the heavenly sunrise here.

2. Taste Tea at Munnar Tea estate


The emerald green tea plantation expanding in all directions offers an idealistic surroundings for you to shake off the high-heaped urban stress, but soon after you have relaxed, taste a steaming cup of tea to re-energize yourself and tighten your shoe lases as these areas have great trekking opportunities as well. Keep yourselves going in this perfectly engineered Munnar tea estate.

3. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is also called as Thekkady which is situated at an altitude of 950m-1900m, is an established wilflife reserves in India. Being in Thekkady you will find yourself spotting Royal Bengal tigers,herds of Indian elephants, leopards, myriad species of snakes, Nilgiri Langur, barking deer, mouse deer, Liontail Macaque, gaur, sambar (horse deer), Dholes (Indian wild dogs), mongoose, foxes etc and further to company them are… birds which includes darters, cormorants, kingfishers, the great Malabar hornbill and racket-tailed Drongos.

4. Watch kathakali and charm yourself

To find yourself high on spirits and at the same time awe struck, Kathakali dance drama is must a watch. These highly-celebrated performances will delve you deep in the Indian history and the classical Indian cultural of colorful make-up, elaborate costumes and graceful movements.

5. Romantic Kerela beaches

Once in kerela, beaches ought not to be missed. Varkala beach and Mararikulam beach are the two most romantic and picturesque beaches here. They are less crowded, have pristine golden sand and provide an overlook of the Arabian Sea and hence perfect for a date, but if you are an adventure loving head on to Kovalam beach which is16 km, from Trivandrum City and take water splashing rides, a safe sea bath because it is internationally acclaimed swimmer’s paradise. Then, why wait so much, take a Kerela tour package immediately.

6. Ayurvedic spas across Kerala

These Ayurvedic spas have a lot to offer other than relaxing your mind, body and soul. The Panchakarma sessions which has been therapeutic wisdom and practice for over 5000 years includes revitalizing aromatherapy, herbal massage, etc. Which is so invigorating and pampering that it has the power to put your vestigial senses back to life and are perfect to serve as food for the soul.

7. Savor your taste buds at Malabar

Few cuisines straight for Kerela’s kitchen are fiery pothu fry, fish meal (spicy yellow curry), fluffy appams (rice), aviyal (vegetables in aromatic coconut gravy), Payasam and refreshing coconut palm wine called toddy which will savor your taste buds and would justify your tour to Kerela.

Throughout you travel from one place to another don’t miss elephant rides and kalaripayattu bout(martial arts), try to attend a temple festival and if possible to catch a snake boat race and you can also carry an extra bag so that you may return home with some special south Indian spices.