Top 7 Places To Visit In Portugal

porPortugal is a country lying in the Southern part of Europe. The land is known for its powerful, unique history with monarchs dating back to the 15th century.

The following are must-visit places in Portugal:


• The Portuguese capital stretches along the bank of the river Tagus on the Atlantic Ocean.

• The city is located at the heart of beautiful steep hills surrounding it

• Lining it are the state of art cafes, bars and five star hotels serving Portuguese tapas, wines and even international cuisines.

• Music lovers will enjoy a variety of live bands of rock, pop and electric music.

• Its neighborhood is diversified, having the old district of Belem recognized for its royal palaces, historic monuments.

• The Jerome monastery forms a landmark here.

• The weather is warm favoring year round activities.Algarve


• It lies in the southern part of Portugal. A tranquil of landscape of olive fields, traditional villages, catchy villas and windy coast line it.

• Summer resorts and several Romans ruins are also present there.

• The coast has numerous sandy beaches and coves where activities like swimming, deep sea fishing and banana boat riding takes place.

• Cobbled streets, historic architecture and presence of beautiful old churches, makes it a place to remember for tourist.


• It is located on the foot of Mount Sintra the coastal arena.

• The town is dotted with spectacular set of hills sprinkled with pretty villas, royal palaces and castles dating back to 8th century.

• Among its historic site is Pena palace, a castle built by the German Neuschnwastein to serve as a summer retreat for the Portuguese royal families in the 1800.

• A museum holds over 2000 historic toy items dating to Egyptian rule.

• Being a destination favored by tourists, several modern hotels and restaurant serving both local and international cuisine


• It is a beautiful city located on the hills overlooking Douro river and has a unique architectural design too.

• It is famous for its production of fine port wine

• The old churches of Saint Francis and Porto Cathedral are a treasure of beautiful architecture in the city.

• Traditional market of Mercado does Bolhao presents a variety of Portuguese vegetables, fruits and art work.

• The night life here is tinted with abundance of night clubs, bars and discos.


• Nicknamed “Floating Garden of Atlantic”, the Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal and North Africa.

• The Archipelago climate is mild.

• The area has the lowest crime rate in the world.

• Its buoyant landscape ranges from the lushly parks, colorful gardens, the enchanting Lurissilva Mountains and nature reserve.

• One should never miss to walk the Levada trails, they were mainly constructed for agriculture, but are a hit among the tourists.

• Its coastline is pebbled with crystal clear waters and rock pool good for watching Dolphins.


• This is an Archipelago composed of nine Volcano Islands.

• It is recognized as a destination for watching Whales.

• Hot minerals springs are also present on the island.


• It is an old fortified village town on a hilltop built by the Moors.

• It has a medieval castle and historic center.

• Elegant old churches of Santa Maria and Saint Peters make the town colorful and a place not to miss.

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