The continent of Australia provides one of the best explanations of the Darwinian Theory of Natural selection as a result of its unique flora and fauna species. Natural selection postulates that the survival of organisms depends on their ability to effectively adapt to environmental changes. Australia is the smallest of the world’s continents formed as a result of the gradual drifting of continents from the original single landmass. This resulted in the creation of a unique biosphere that required organisms to evolve additional attributes in order to survive. This is the primary reason why many of the plant and animal species in Australia are unique to the continent. Outlined in this article is a brief description of one of the most famous plants and animal species native to the continent of Australia.


Studies have established that Australia is the only continent where one of the oldest tree species whose origin can be traced to Pangea (the original landmass before continental drift) is found. This implies that these old plant species did not evolve significantly, perhaps because the climate in Australia has been more or less similar to the one of Pangea. Here are several plant species unique to Australia:
Wollemi Pine of the Blue Mountains, believed to be more that 60 million years old. Thousands of Acacia species, for example the Eucalyptus Family and Melaleucas Family. A range of diverse and unique wildflowers such as the daisies. The Protea Family made of plants such as Grevillea and Banksia, Hummock and Tussock grasslands.


The unique fauna of Australia are regarded by the country as a treasure due to its distinctiveness from other animal species in other parts of the world. The unique species are made up of more than 100 different species of marsupials among others. Outlined here are the highlights of Australia’s unique fauna: 100 different species of marsupials which include animals such as kangaroos, Koala, Wombats, and the Tasmanian Devil. The famous egg laying mammal the Duck Billed Platypus. More than 800 bird species, 50 % of which can only be found in Australia the best example being the flightless Emu. The wide variety of the most venomous snakes in the world. Unique marine species, including the Box Jellyfish, Bluebottle, and the Giant Whale Shark. The Australian Dingo Dog unique only to the continent.
The Australian unique flora and fauna explained here provide evidence of the consequences of the isolation of the continent from other continents as a result of the continental drift. This is best explained by the theory of natural selection. The Australian environment presents a unique biosphere where only organisms with the required characteristics can survive. Furthermore, during continental drift organisms that migrated with the content were isolated with no other means of migrating to other continents. These factors have endowed Australia with one of the most diverse and unique plant and animal species in the world. Australian visa should be a serious consideration of someone seeking to experience one of the most amazing flora and fauna in the world.