Australia has among the best and amazing sites to visit ranging from beaches, rain forest to towns. Queensland is the most famous city with most tourist and locals attractions. Among the top amazing places to visit in Australia are;


Ocean road is located in Victoria and among the amazing drives in the world. Its length is between 240-243 Kilometers and about 150 miles, but it usually takes one day drive as the road is narrow, one way drive and the place being windy.The road is one lane. As the drive goes one enjoys the great views from the car of the ocean. As one drives his through the cool climate of the rain forest, one enjoys the cool breeze atmosphere. It got so many beaches on its way that one can make a stop and swim as the drive contentious, and there are great scenic sites where even one can camp, hike sites etc. The place is great and amazing drive to enjoy through and take photographs of nature.BARRIER REEF


It is located in Queensland in Australia, the attractions in the country that is best known virtually by everyone in Australia. It stretches for about 2,300 kilometers. The rare, endangered and the unique animals and plant species in Australia are found here. It is hard to recommend someone to a specific place in this barrier reef although most of the people agree that are the most stunning place on the barrier reef. It is recommended that one takes about 2-3 day tour with a boat around the island. With areas for scuba diving, one experiences great pleasure that will stay in your life, memories that never fades.forest


It is located in the great Queensland City in the northern part. The dentures rain forest is a great place and a popular tourist and local’s attraction. Being the largest rain forest in Australia and hosting 30 percent of the country’s frog species, marsupials and reptiles. It is also the home to about 60 percent of Australia’s butterfly species and bat and about 20 percent native bird species. Those who like watching birds is the place to visit. Daintree forest is the home to the prehistoric bird by the name Cassowary. The Rain forest got a lot to see ranging from crocodile boat tours, animal sanctuaries, mangrove adventures, hike sites etc.


It is found in wales, south of Queensland. It is a popular international tourist and locals. Music festivals are mostly held here over the years and it attracts tourist and locals. Musician come from various part of the world to attend the festivals. The lighthouse here is amazing to watch at sunset too. The place has many scenic attractions, scuba diving, surfing, pristine beach etc.


It is found in Queensland near Hervey bay is the world’s largest sand island. It has beaches and swimming shores. The most popular and easy way to get there is through hiring a tour guide with a four wheel drive car to get to explore the area and have your fun. With fresh lakes in the area, great rain forests with rare and unique flora and fauna in the world, the Dingo, and scuba diving makes it the best tourist is thus a paradise and a tourist attraction site.

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