5 Awesome Locations In India

India is one of the best tourist destinations with scenic and colorful backdrops, historic forts and castles and exquisite tourist hotels. The cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi are equally amazing as they are graced with ancient architectural buildings and awesome palaces. The inhabitants here are also widely known for their unique and exciting culture, cultural carnivals and colorful festivals throughout the year. Some places are famously known to be perennial tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal while others are lesser known but equally astounding. In a nutshell, the places to visit in India cannot be compiled exhaustively in one list but here are five awesome destinations one wouldn’t want to miss.


  • This is a chain of lagoons and lakes found in Kerala state.
  • These picturesque backwaters are parallel to the Arab sea coast.
  • On top of the beautiful scenery there are different species of sea animals, birds, reptiles and otters.
  • Cruising in these waters is an equally enthralling experience using the traditional boats locally known as Kettuvallams.
  • These tourist houseboats provide perfect views of the surrounding plus they give one that traditional feel.


  • The Virupaksha temple started out as a shrine and later grew to a magnificent shrine.
  • These transformations into a temple with captivating architectural designs took place under            the Vijayanagara rulers.
  • It is one of the oldest serving temples in India.
  • It has been used for more than a millennium since the place was a small shrine in the 7th century.Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

  • For a glimpse of the Asian wildlife species the Kanha National park is the place to visit.
  • It is also arguably among the most endowed wildlife sanctuaries in Asia.
  • One can particularly get to see the Asian tigers.
  • Away from the animals the flora here are just as beautiful with scenic greenery, bamboo forests, lush meadows and ravines of Kanha.
  • The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling further earned the park an enviable place among the top attractions in India.Harmandir Sahib

Harmandir Sahib

  • It is located in Amritsar and is one of the main destination here.
  • It is christened the Golden Temple and is the most sacred religious place for the Sikhs.
  • Its importance is evident by the thousands of pilgrims that throng the place from all parts of the country.
  • Its construction began in the 16th century under Guru Ramdas.
  • However, it was in the 19th century under Maharaja Ranjit Singh that the upper floors were covered with gold.taj mahal

Taj Mahal

  • As always no mention of India’s attractions can leave out the incredible Taj Mahal and the romanticism surrounding it.
  • It is found in Agra and was built by Shah Jahan from 1632 to 1653 to honor his favorite wife’s memory.
  • This magnificent white marble structure is an architectural masterpiece.
  • It is coupled with picturesque gardens, reflecting pools and several other beautiful buildings.
  • Its moniker is a teardrop on the cheek of eternity’.

The above mentioned places are some of the places to visit in India, but there are more other enchanting places like the Ajanta caves, the Palolem beach, the Lake Palace among others. Visitors to India are required to apply for an Indian visa, this application can be done conveniently through their official online site.