A holiday for couples is a very important activity, which enables them to strengthen their relationship. Explore Australia with the best resorts, spa and beaches for unforgettable moment with the best atmosphere. Enjoy the best destinations in Australia.Daylesford


Nothing’s ever perfect, but with Daylesford in Victoria is as perfect as your getaway could get. Daylesford is located in the shire of Hepburn in Victoria. Couples share some romantic moment here with a spa which helps to relax your mind in some peace and tranquility. Daylesford has numerous spa resorts, B&B in the area, secluded cottages for some privacy and a truly sultry setting. With mouth-watering cuisine from fresh, local and seasonal produce that makes the best meals ever. This amazing destination offers a stony creek gallery of beautiful art which is a must see while visiting.Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove is a super luxurious corner of far north of Queensland with all the posh amenities, beautiful beaches and plenty of picturesque places to visit. Palm Cove has great deals of fantastic sanctuaries and perfect accommodation. They have beautifully kept apartments which are very peaceful. The beach and hotels are just nearby with amazing pools. With a variety of hotels, restaurants and beaches to choose from I am definitely sure the palm cove is the best choice.Hunter valley

Hunter valley

The hunter valley is a great destination for leisure and a romantic getaway. From the beautiful accommodation to the fine wine and gourmet food served, this is the perfect destination for a good and memorable time. Home to some of the oldest wine families in Australia, the couples who have a passion for wine, then definitely should visit the hunter valley as it produces a wide range of tempting wines. You will enjoy the warm country welcome with various activities including hot air balloon ride, wine tasting tour, play round the golf at Cypress Lake and visit the small winemakers center.Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor

Victor harbor is a seaside resort township with approximately one hour from Adelaide South Australia. It is highly populated with tourists as it features the beautiful penguins of Granite Island. Victoria harbor has great accommodations, surf beaches, B&B accommodation and spectacular apartments. Enjoy an invigorating and the most fascinating marine lifeboat tour on the big duck boat tours watching the great dolphin species alongside fur seals. The trip is interesting and a terrific experience. The stunning ocean views of the harbor are an amazing view as you take sunset strolls along the foreshore.Pacific Palms

Pacific Palms

This eclectic secluded spot gives you a taste of a range of romantic settings nestled between the waterfront and the palm forest. It has a beautiful warm white sand of the beaches and the very calm waters of Wallis Lake that makes it a magnificent spot for quiet and some peace. The pacific palms take pride in the accommodation offered. It’s one of Sydney’s greatest seaside creations with national parks, lake systems, seven mile beach and subtropical rainforests.

Take your Australian visa and wind up in these great destinations that offer nothing than perfection and a romantic getaway. Venture into the great bush land, mountains and the local wineries as you take a stroll along the sandy beaches with your partner.