Some of the Most Popular Cheap Hotels near Marine Drive

There are a number of hotels around the Marine Drive, with a combination of both cost and cheaper rates, allowing accommodations to a vast amount of population, coming from different places.

The Marine Drive has been a subject of interest for the tourists, travelling to Mumbai because of the view as well as the beauty of the place. The boulevard is a long one, stretching 4.3 kilometers from south to the north of the city along the coastline allowing it to be seen from the other parts of Mumbai’s sea beaches. The drive is always populated and a packed crowd is always there to add to the beauty of the place. Tourists coming from different places arrive at the Marine Drive in order to share the beauty and relish. Therefore, keeping the popularity of the place in mind, numerous hotels have been established near the particular area. Here we would be discussing about the cheap hotels near Marine Drive as follows.Hotel Adarsh

Hotel Adarsh: This one has emerged to be one of the best in terms of quality and cleanliness, yet is amongst the cheap hotels near Marine Drive. The hotel’s service is considered to be pretty simple, yet full dedicated towards the customers, as the authority believes that the real satisfaction comes from satisfying the customers.Hotel Ameya

Hotel Ameya: Hotel Ameya doesn’t have a very good reputation as the previous one does, but is quite clean and maintains their quality to the best possible extent. It can be suggested that one should ask the original rates before booking a room. This hotel can be a good option among the cheap hotels in Mumbai. The hotel is located near to Marine Drive.Hotel New Bengal

Hotel New Bengal: The hotel New Bengal has been a nice one and prettier than the other cheap hotels near Marine Drive. They provide various facilities such as daily breakfast, cheap rooms. In fact, the hotel fails to fulfill many of the demands of the customers and the rooms they provide are too small but if you are a single person then it won’t be a problem for you.Sea Green Hotel

Sea Green Hotel: This hotel fulfills the fantasies of living in a 5 star hotel, for the people who cannot afford the price of such a hotel. The location is considerably a great one, as one can view beautiful scenery from the balconies, windows and the top of the hotel. The rooms are also well equipped, allowing the customer to feel at home. This hotel has been able to build its reputation in a positive manner, which has allowed it to gain more customers, coming from various places.

Sadanand Hotel: The hotel has managed a location that is at the heart of the city and offer services to the customers, which are most talked about. The management focuses on the maintenance and cleanliness of the hotel and work hard to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers. Hence, this hotel can be a great choice of staying for a few days at cheap cost.

Therefore, the discussion has been able to figure out various hotels with cheap price available near Marine Drive. Hence, get a booking in any hotel you want before boarding the train to Mumbai. Have a safe journey.