Sri Lanka is known for a wide range and diverse tourist attractions, features and activities. Every month, thousands of tourists flock the country to sample some of the best tour destinations in the world. Spending your holiday or vacation in Sri Lanka will definitely rejuvenate you. This is because Sri Lanka tour destinations are not only diverse but are also unique, private and natural. If you are searching for a place to visit during a holiday or the upcoming festive season, try Sri Lanka and you will live to remember the precious moments. The following are the top exotic holiday spots to visit in Sri Lanka.Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Established in 1894, Yala National Park lies on an extensive piece of land and has a variety of key tourist attractions apart from wildlife. On a safari through the national park you will see different species of wild animals, birds and plants. Some of which are only found at Yala National Park. Apart from being a wildlife sanctuary, the national park also has beaches, lakes, rivers and exceptional geographic features. Exploring these features and taking part in different outdoor fun activities will make your enjoyment.Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple

Located in central Sri Lanka, Dambulla Cave is among the world largest cave temples. The temple was built by Buddhists during ancient times and it was used as housing and worshipping place. Touring this amazing cave temple will leave you with a detailed understanding of Sri Lanka’s history. The cave is also among remarkable ancient architecture in Sri Lanka. The interior of the cave is subdivided to five shrines, with its walls decorated using a fine piece of art.srilanka tour

Unawatuna Beach

A holiday in Sri Lanka has been never complete without visiting Unawatuna Beach. Located in South Coast, Unawatuna Beach boasts itself for being natural and cleanest beach in Sri Lanka. Visiting the beach during your holiday will leave you with a feeling of a small paradise in Sri Lanka. There are a variety of outdoor fun activities like surfing, swimming and skating. There are also several resorts near the beach that will definitely cater to your accommodation needs while at the beach.

Polonnaruwa city

Polonnaruwa is an ancient city that is full of ancient Sri Lanka history. Today, the city is a historical site that attracts thousands of visitors to see the amazing structures and other significant historical structures. The style and art of constructions were majorly influenced by the leaders who ruled the kingdom. Besides depicting the early way of life, the structures are also a clear evidence of early civilization in Sri Lanka. Some of the amazing structures that you will see on visiting the city include; Kaudulla tank, Elahera canal, Giritale tank Minneriya tank, Vatadage, Kaudulla tank and Royal Palace. There are hotels and restaurants in the surrounding locality that will make you have a lifetime holiday experience in the ancient city.

Adams Peak

Rising to over 7000 feet, Adams Peak is a unique conical mountain. It derives its uniqueness from its shape and the sacred foot prints. The foot prints are considered by Muslims and Christians as the ones for the first man in the human race; while Buddhists consider them as Buddha footprints, when he visited Sri Lanka. Apart from the sacred religion’s role, people, tour the mountain to have fun and explore it. The top fun activities at the mountain include hiking and camping. These activities are, however affected by the weather conditions.

A holiday spent in Sri Lanka will not only be fun, but will leave you with the urge of spending all your holidays and vacations in Sri Lanka. The diversity of tourist destinations and the hospitality of the local residents will indeed make your stay comfortable. Let your exotic holiday tour come true by applying for a Sri Lanka Visa today.