A Trip to India – Goa Carnival Festival

Goa, the home of bustling events, lures tourists from all over the world to be extravagant a wonderful event named “Goa Carnival” rejoiced throughout Goa is the most anxiously attended or non-stop 3-4 day festival of color, song, dance, music, cultural spectacle and lots more a point of extreme entertainment for people of all ages. It doesn’t issue either you enjoy or watch others enjoying, you always end up finding lots of incitement and pleasure all around and now this time (in year 2015) it is all set to be celebrating on and from 14 Feb to 17 Feb. So travel to Goa and treat oneself or another to endless fun with Goa Carnival!!!!!!

Highlights of Goa Carnival:

Goa Carnival has been an essence of the fun-loving culture hides so many gems for three days, some of them are:goa carnival1

Streets come viable with fun-filled activities or processions:

During Carnival the whole Goa shine with lights, colorful ribbons and sparkling papers. Undeniably move out on the streets offers you an entertaining performance of the live bands, particolored procession with dances and bands, colorful view of floats portraying well-known lullabies and nursery rhymes and grand balls (evening).goa carnival

Songs, Dances and Colorful Costumes:  

Song and dance performances are main charms of the Goa Carnival. Goan people themselves compose and choreograph the songs and dances and mostly dancers are gracefully clothed in colorful outfits that are same to those of Brazilian Samba dancers that no doubt add lots of liveliness to their performance. In the fun filled atmosphere, not only participant but maximum of the people wear multicolored costumes and masks to hide their identity for fun and sprinkle each other with color or light the fire work to boost up the participants.goa carnival12

Plays – Glance Of Goan History:

The plays performed during the carnival are based on the Goan history or some other precedents related to Goa. Mostly, men participate in the plays and portray not only the role of males but even the roles of females. Their colourful and shimmering dresses and exclusive headgears undeniably catch your attention at once.

Mock Battles – An intrinsic part of the carnival:

An elemental part of the festival, mock battles are fought by groups of masked people equipped with baskets of rotten eggs, saw-dust or wheat flour packets noted as cartuchos and cocotex and syringes filled with coloured water.

Competitions- Focal point of the carnival:

Innumerable exciting competitions are held during the carnival and judged by some selected people and on the final day winners of the competitions get prizes from King Momo.

Food Feast:

At Goa Carnival, you get to taste peculiar Goa cuisine at several stalls. An affluent range of lip-smacking food items along with wine is given to the viewers and contestants. Delight your taste buds with the famous Shakuti, a curry made of chicken, lamb or turtle and don’t miss out the robust Feni, the famous liquor drink in cashew and palm variants, complemented with the plum puddings.

Other Activities – Excite up the soul:

Fireworks, the musical orchestra of children, the amusing costumes of people, fortune tellers anticipating the future, parade that represent the historic and cultural Goa are some other activities that you will watch during the festival and last but not least try not to miss the famous red-and-black dance organized by the Club Panjim on closing day.No doubt during 3-4 day the incitement runs so huge, that you can barely sleep at night.

Literally, it is not possible to express the whole festival in words as the ambience of bash fills every nook and corner of the state, so more good that you should be a guest of Goa during the carnival time and get the original feel of fun-filled air or an astounding getaway from the ordinary routine.