Some Exotic Beaches Which Will Surely Allure You To Visit

Whenever the word beach comes we imagine panoramic views of sunrise or sunsets and a lazy day on the yellow and white sand of the beach with a glass of beer or a fruity cocktail. But beaches don’t fall in this particular criterion, there are certain beaches which come in far more different colors and panorama than what we actually expected. The striking difference in the below mentioned beaches is the amazing color of the sand. Beaches in the world come in amazing rainbow colors and below are the sampling of a few of them. 

Glass Beach

glass beach

Glass beach is located in Mackerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California. This beach has sea glasses created because of years of dumping garbage into an area of coastline near the northern part. This beach is visited by thousands of visitors every year and some of them even collect these glasses and that’s the reason these glasses are diminishing. This is the popular tourist attraction because of its uniqueness.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

pink sand beach bahamas

Along the east side of the Island pink color sand beaches are found In Harbour Island. One can reach this island through Airplane and the nearest airport is north Eleuthera Airport. These beaches with pink sand are picturesque and enticing. The reason for pink sand of the Bahamas is pigmented by washed up coral remnants.

Red Sand Beaches

red sand beach

If you want to explore the red dark beaches plan your trip to Galapagos Island. Here with the red sand you might be greeted with sea lions. On these Red Sand beaches you can have amazing clicks and the reason of this deep red color in the sand high content of iron in the volcanic material which is found on Rabida Island.

Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach

purple beach sand

This beach is located in California, USA. This sand is famous for its purple sand which makes this beach bit more attractive and a popular tourist attraction, although sand is not purple throughout but there are patches of purple color in the sand. This beach reflects different shades of purple like ruby red, pink, royal purple, violet and lavender. On the opposite side of the mountains, long Islands contain mineral piedmontite which actually turns the coastal sand Purple.

Green sand beach

green sand beach

This green sand beach is located in Hawaiian and is also known by the name Papakolea Beach. This wonderful beach gets its green color from the olivine mineral which was deposited due to some volcanic activity. The Magma of the volcano is usually rich in olivine and olivine crystals are dense and that’s the reason they accumulate on the beach without being washed away by Hawaiian tides. This beach is really panoramic and one can here spend a soothing day enjoying the natural bliss.

Black Sand Beach

black sand beach

Hawaii’s Punalu’u Beach almost looks like a film negative of a usual beach and the reason for that is its jet black sand. This sand is the reason that this beach is unique. The sand here is composed of basalt and an igneous rock is formed when lava rapidly cools down and in the case of this particular beach underwater volcanic vents ooze magma and then rapidly cools that and explodes when comes in contact with the cooler ocean water and that’s how the color of the sand turns  black. Every year many visitors explore the beauty of Punalu’u Beach.

Grey Sand Beach

grey sand beach

If you are thinking that Grey Sand Beach at Shelter Cove in California’s Humboldt County is a product of mixing the black sand in the whiter than you are wrong. This grey sand is the outcome of centuries of erosion from nearby Shale cliffs. One can here get amazing pictures because of the aura surrounding the beach. This grey sand beach can be seen at the northern end of Patrick’s point state park in Humboldt County.

Hidden beach

hidden beach

This beach is known as love beach affectionately. It is located on the Marieta Island in Mexico and it is a sort of open sun drenched crater. This hidden is beach is only accessible through a water tunnel which connects the beach with pacific ocean and there is approx 6 feet of space above the water level and travelers arrive there by swimming and Kayaking. This beach is almost invisible from outside and every year tourists came to enjoy the underwater wildlife and to enjoy the scenic landscape.

Orange Sand Beach

orange sand beach

Porto Ferro is located in the Island of Sardinia and it is one and quarter mile colored with orange colored sand and the reason is unique mixture of native orange limestone, Volcanic deposits and crushed shells. This area is known for its orange sand, hiking paths and 3 Spanish lookout towers. One can here enjoy boating, surfing, diving and windsurfing.

White Sand Beach

white sand beach

If you want to spend a lazy afternoon on white sand than Grand Anse Beach is the right choice. This beach is blessed with white sand and lush green landscape which actually attracts the tourists. One can here enjoy surfing as well.

Shell Beach

shell beach

It is located in the Shark Bay Region of Western Australia. This beach got this name because of the abundance of the shells on the beach. The water here is so saline that the cockle clam is able to proliferate unchecked by its natural predators and that’s the reason this beach is flooded with shells.

Dragon Eggs (The Moeraki Boulders) Beach

dragon eggs beach

The Moeraki Boulders are the large and round boulders which are present at the Koekohe beach in New Zealand. These boulders are grey in color and are septarian concretions. Unlike the Moeraki Boulders some concretions have the bones of Plesiosaurs and mosasaurs. This beach is the famous tourist attraction and many tourists visit here every year.

Cathedrals Beach

cathedral beach

This beach is located in Ribadeo in Spain. The wonderful arches like cathedral are formed by the pounding water over thousands of years. The outstanding shape is the reason of popularity of this beach. The original name of the beach is Praia de Augas Santas. You can here enjoy some alone time with your beloved. This beach is extremely beautiful.