These haunted places in Delhi are not for the faint-hearted!

Although, Delhi is very practical, but it still couldn’t stay away from the ghostly legends and beliefs that today circle the city and with the passage of time only got popular. This article talks about some of the most haunted places in the city.  

On the off chance that you are an eager explorer, then you have most likely caught wind of the crazy myths about Delhi that have been doing the rounds throughout recent years. These myths are terrifying and, now and again, even wacky. In spite of the fact that the city is extremely cutting edge and keeps a modern approach, still one thing that it couldn’t avoid is the way by which the myths and legends meander around the complex network of streets in Delhi. One reason for the different myths is that it is an extremely old city, so it is just clear that with the progression of time different myths surfaced. Like a majority of cities, Delhi has its share of haunted stories and places as well. On the off chance that you like perusing about haunted places and frightening and spooky articles, here are some spooky places in Delhi


Sanjay Van

As far as greenery, it is heart of the green capital. Be that as it may, there is a great deal more than greenery covered regions in this little forest. Listed among the spookiest spots in Delhi – ruins and broken ramparts of Qila Rai pithora has a large number of graves. Many feel that there are many spirits wandering in the jungle, there is an eerie vibe in the environment. Numerous demolished Mazars under tremendous trees make this place more thick and baffling. According to myths it is quite often that the pin drop silence here is broken by the cries and daunting laughs. A few guests explained that they were pushed all of a sudden while others saw a white dressed lady taking cover behind trees and getting vanished.


House Number W-3

Situated in south Delhi specifically and Greater Kailash to be exact, this house is amazingly spooky. Years ago, a matured couple was killed, severely on this spot. Stories state that, even after such a large number of years, their soul still roam around in this spot. You can feel a progression of strange happenings here – one could without much of a stretch, listen cries, sobs, and shouts leaving this spooky house. Counting this, there are numerous deserted frequented house in Delhi that nobody wants to buy or lease them.


Delhi Cantt

Delhi cantonment is a spot where nature dwells. It is loaded with greenery and rich trees. many observers never miss mention that they had seen the ghost of a woman in white dress asking for a lift to the passer-bys. Some of them who halted to give her a lift, she vanished. While other people who did not stop their vehicle, discovered her running quicker than the vehicle. This woman is believed to have been a killed in a car accident on the road running through the area.


Bloody River a.k.a Khoni Nadi

Unnerving than its name, this small stream flows through a Rohini area of Delhi. Since a series of suicides occurred here, khooni nadi includes its name in the rundown of top haunted places in Delhi. There is a typical conviction that one who enter the stream gets pulled by a puzzling power.

There is certainly more in the city than what’s covered so far. So book the next flight tickets from the nearest airport, say Mumbai to Delhi flights, and feel the thrill and adventure of visiting the haunted places in the city.