Top 5 Most Haunted Spot In India

Believe in ghosts or not; there are a lot of haunted places that would give a chill down your spine. If you are looking for some eerie spots in India for vacationing or for the adventure seeking, this is the right article for you.


1- Aleya light

aleya light

In West Bengal, in the swamps are very famous for Will-o-wisp. It is said that the spirits of the dead fisherman appear as spots of lights that would make people think that they are heading towards the entrance of swamps. But, it is said that these lights would guide the lost travellers to the hideout of ghost and kill them. But, in reality, it is the gas that is expelled from the earth due to the decaying matter that glows with light. No matter what the reason might be, it would give chills to your when you see it.


2- Agrasen Ki Baoli

agrasen ki baoli

This is an important tourist spot in New Delhi. It is a protected monument which is under the control of ASI. It is an important monument known for its architectural beauty. The main element of this monument is the black water pool. It is said that those who look down at the water in the pool would be tempted to commit suicide. If you do not believe it, you are most welcome to come and peep into the pool.


3- Bhangarh fort

bhangarh fort

This is a 17th century fort that is located in Rajasthan. It is an important tourist spot and spot for film shooting in the morning. By dusk, no tourist is allowed inside this area. Even people who work there abandon the fort. It is located in Aravali range in Alwar district. There are a lot of legends for why this fort is haunted. According to one story, an old sadhu was living in his small house in this area and the fort was built later near his house causing the shadow of the fort to fall on his house. Thus, he got angry and cursed the fort to be haunted. Another version says that a wizard fell in love with the princess of the fort. When the princess outwitted and killed the wizard he cursed the fort before he died and all those who lived in the fort died. It is said that a lot of paranormal activities happen in the fort at night.


4- Dumas Beach

dumas beach

The black sand and dark water beach would give you an eerie feeling for the first site. This beach used to be a cremation place in the past. It is not odd to see that there is no flora flourishing in the sides of this beach. A lot of paranormal activities are reported in this beach which is located in Gujarat.


5- Savoy hotel

savoy hotel

This is the hotel for those who want a spooky stay. This hotel in Mussorie is said to be haunted. It all started in 1911 when a lady was found dead in her room, poisoned. Later, a lot of people were found dead in the similar manner. Today, many people who stayed in this hotel reported many paranormal activities.

There are a lot of other haunted places in this country like Shaniwarwada fort, tunnel 103 in Shimla, Writer’s building in Kolkata and many others. There are no concrete proofs that these places are haunted for real. They can be myth or even some old tale still being alive in the minds. The only way to know it is to check out these places. Are you ready?