Top 7 Places To Wed In Philippines

There are always a massive number of weddings every year. Some couples opt to spend their precious moments in other countries, while others prefer to stay on their land. Yet, having a wedding in a different country is unquestionably unforgettable. Renowned for the 7, 107 islands, the Philippines have been listed as one of the best wedding destinations in the world.


The most famous spot in the Philippines is Boracay compromises of a beautiful white stretch of powdery sand that glitters in the midday sun. Cool breeze, as well as the blue and green sparkling waters, make the place an amatory rendezvous for couples. Special and accommodating resorts are the wailing-Waling, Boracay Regency, Pearl of the Pacific, and the Sea Wind.


Cebu is a famous province in the Philippines. It is different from the capital city where there are too many hustles and bustles. The province is more peaceful; despite the fact that it has cities as well. You can celebrate your special day at fancy hotels, such as Waterfront Cebu, Shangri-la, Radisson Blu, Marco Polo Plaza, and Plantation Bay.


The Philippines is known to have scorching hot weather throughout the year seldom does it rain, but there is a place where you can feel an extreme cool breeze, The Tagaytay. Attached with an enchanting landscape, romantic ambience, and scenic views, Tagaytay is a perfect wedding destination for you. Sonya’s Garden has a rosier atmosphere where nature is gloriously alive, which also makes it perfect for weddings.


This island is renowned for chocolate hills and Tarsiers, a nocturnal animal. Bohol has ancient houses and churches for hundreds of years. Some were destroyed due to the earthquake recently. Despite the destruction caused by the disaster, many ancient churches dating back to the Spanish era stood still, such as the Baclayon Church, the Loon Church, the Dauis Church, and the Church of San Pedro in Loboc. Do not forget to visit the tourist attractions after your wedding, which are the Loboc River Cruise, the Hanging Bridge, the Man-Made Forest, Panglao Island, and many more The island is tiny, but there’s plenty you can do here to enjoy your wedding.


Thanks to its splendid preserved pine forest, Baguio is a perfect destination for couples. Like Tagaytay, it has a beautiful nature. Strawberries are cultivated here, and they are very delicious. Great wedding venues here are the Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, and Mines View Park.

Camiguin Island

Since the Philippines comprises of 7, 107 islands, it has so many marvelous spots to offer, such as the Camiguin Island. Celebrate your wedding in this place and enjoy the white and brown sand as well as the volcanic spring water (The Tangub Hot Spring), where both of you will definitely have utmost fun. By the way, the White Island is the island’s most popular sandbar.


Batangas has been just two-hour away from Metro Manila. If you want to spend your special day at the church, you may choose the ancient ones, such as the Church of St. Martin De Tours, the San Jose Church, the Caleruega Church, and the Lipa Church. Many antediluvian churches can be found in Batangas. Providing a long stretch of white sand and a splendid view of the city, Club Punta Fuego is the right one to stay in.