Top 7 Must Visit Places in Prague

Prague is reputed as 14 largest cities in the European Union. This city has a temperate climate and has many tourist attractions which are surely every explorers dream. This city has more than 10 major museums accompanied with enticing places for tourists. Below is the list of the main attractions of Prague. This beautiful city is located in the heart of Europe. Prague is a dazzling and Charismatic place. Below is the list of popular tourist attractions which are a must visit if you are planning your vacations in Prague.


Visit the Dancing House

dancing house prague

This place is a wonderful masterpiece of architectural beauty. This dancing house is created by Czech architects Valdo Milunic and Canadian frank Gehry. This is one of the remarkable structures and resembles a female dancer. Dancing house is a private official building with a restaurant on the 7th floor which is open for public.

prague castle


Prague Castle

It is one of the magnificent places. This castle includes a monastery and 3churches including the architectural style of the last millennium that it Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. St. Vitus Cathedral is a must visit place because of its outstanding Gothic structure. This castle is like a jewel in Prague.

josefov in prague



If you want to explore this place, then the best way to explore is by walking around the cobbled streets. This place is a home of the oldest Jewish synagogues and a tour of Jewish quarter gives a vibrant glimpse of the captivating past and an intriguing experience. It is a must visit tourist destination in Prague.

prague charles bridge

Charles Bridge

This bridge is 600 years old and one of the most iconic landmarks. This bridge connects the old town and Lesser Town and is built on river Vltava. It is one of the places where one can always observe the hustle bustle. On each end of the bridge one tower is there from where one can have the wonderful view of the Prague city.

old town square prague

Old Town Square

It is located in the Old town and it offers a very interesting atmosphere. This place is filled with several bars, restaurants and cafes. One can here enjoy the entire day without a single boring moment. The popular Astronomical clock is also located here.

mala strana prague

Mala Strana

This place is located on the other end of the Charles Bridge from Old town square. Mala Strana is also known as Lesser town district and the whole area is constructed in Baroque architecture. In 1257 is it founded as a royal town .The main attraction of this place is The Baroque St. Nicholas Church and the extensive Wallenstein Palace. The district has many Churches, squares, palaces and gardens.

weceslas square prague

Wenceslas Square

It is one of the two main squares. This place is famous for shopping. It is located in New Town and is home to several shops, bars, clubs, hotels and banks. It is city’s entertainment hub and a place to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. The major attraction of this place is the Grand National Museum and Prague State Opera. Switzerland is a perfect escape towards romanticism and mesmerizing tourist destination. The natural beauty of the magnificent Alps, gushing lakes, scenic villages,  hustling cities and sky kissing towering castles.