What to do While in the Cosmopolitan Dubai?

Known thoroughly for its extensive malls, ultra propelled structures, and a garish lifestyle, Dubai is the most tricking destination in the United Arab Emirates. No ifs or buts, if one has the motivations and fancies of running over the edge with their escape, this is the spot to be. An outing to Dubai is a wholesome store of joy and satiety.

The tremendously telecasted wonders of Dubai, are truly exceptional and one needs to visit this spot to encounter crazy shopping and an excessive way of life drove by the cheeky Sheikhs or the overall population here. Coincidentally, to reach Dubai, particularly from the capital city of Delhi is a cakewalk, subsequent to the Delhi to Dubai flights take not more than only 4 hours and travel organizations revere this destination. Along these lines, the lucrative Dubai tour packages sell like hot cakes.

Gems of Dubai

jemeirah beach dubai

1- Jumeirah Beach – Dubai’s most radiant and latest fascination, the white sand shoreline of the Jumeirah is one spot where you can find the most suitable hotels amidst your visit and regard the unfathomable number of joys of experiencing the city’s appeal.

burj al arab dubai

2- Burj Al Arab – having a striking likeness to the side face of an extravagant cruiser, the Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest hotel structure and is a champion amongst the most unreasonable motels, organized in separation on a manufactured island. The 321 m high building is lit up with choreographed lights around night, and spending a night at this extravagant place could cost you a whooping $ 15,000!

burj khalifa

3- Burj Khalifa – The most looked upon point of interest of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure on the planet. By galactic reports, the tip of the Burj can likewise be seen from the moon! Another marvellous feature of this edifice is that it has a ultra swift lift that ships you up to the top, in a matter of a few moments. From the top, the Dubai skyline looks stimulating. Additionally, this is not for the those with a fear of heights!

atlantis palm jumeirah

4- Atlantis Palm Jumeirah – for that sort after luxurious experience, head to this new offering by Dubai. It is more than just a lodging, with a goliath measure of persuading encounters on offer for its guests or tourists.

dubai aquarium

5- Dubai Aquarium – suspended in a gigantic aquarium on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, one can get a steady experience of being amongst the ocean animals at the Dubai Aquarium. Additionally, on entering the Underwater Zoo, you can even walk around this perfect submerged scene through the aquarium tunnels.


Attempt to plan your trip in the off season months of May to August for Dubai, and you may get some truly modest air tickets, yes even by Air India ! Yet, these are the most damp, hot and burning months to be in Dubai, so be cautious. Till then, plan and have a sublime outing!