Here’s Why Dubai is the True Gem of the United Arab Emirates

Known comprehensively for its expansive shopping centers, ultra advanced structures, and an ostentatious way of life, Dubai is the most luring destination in the United Arab Emirates. No ifs or buts, if one has the inspirations and fancies of running over the edge with their get-away, this is the spot to be. A trip to Dubai is a wholesome store of pleasure and satiety.

The gigantically broadcasted marvels of Dubai, are genuinely outstanding and one needs to visit this spot to experience insane shopping and an extravagant lifestyle led by the sassy Sheikhs or the general public here. By the way, to reach Dubai, especially from the capital city of Delhi is a cakewalk, since the Delhi to Dubai flights take not more than just 4 hours and travel companies adore this destination. Therefore, the lucrative Dubai tour packages!

Major Attractions

jemeirah beach dubai

1- Jumeirah Beach – Dubai’s most lustrous and recent attraction, the white sand shoreline the Jumeirah is one spot where you can locate the most suitable inn choices in the midst of your visit and esteem the immeasurable number of delights of encountering the city’s allure.

burj al arab dubai

2- Burj Al Arab – having a striking resemblance to the side face of a luxury cruiser, the Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest hotel and is a standout amongst the most costly inns, orchestrated in isolation on an artificial island. The 321 m high edifice is lit up with choreographed lights around evening, and spending a night at this lavish hotel could cost you a whooping $ 15,000! You can eat at their submerged Al Mahara Restaurant, or the Skyview Bar.

burj khalifa

3- Burj Khalifa – The extraordinary signature landmark of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure on the planet. According to some astronomical reports, the tip of the Burj can also be seen from the moon! Another mind boggling feature of this wonder is that it has an ultra quick lift that ships you up to the top, in a matter of a few seconds. From the top, the Dubai horizon looks invigorating. Moreover, this is not for the timid!

atlantis palm jumeirah

4- Atlantis Palm Jumeirah – for that sort after sumptuous experience, head to this new offering by Dubai. It is more than only a hotel, with a goliath amount of convincing experiences on offer for its visitors or sightseers.

dubai aquarium

5- Dubai Aquarium – suspended in a huge aquarium on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, one can get a constant ordeal of being amongst the sea creatures at the Dubai Aquarium. Also, on entering the Underwater Zoo, you can even stroll around this gorgeous submerged scene through the aquarium burrows.

Try in the off season months of May to August in Dubai, and you might get some really cheap air tickets. But yes, these are the most humid, hot and scorching months to be in Dubai, so be careful. Till then, plan and have a superb trip!