Delhi to Mumbai – A Tour And Comparison Of The Two Major Cities

It is very easy to hate, love or form an opinion of a city after living in a city for a long part of your life. You immediately start to turn defensive of your home city and although not fair, you bring down the other city. The best way to compare cities as significant like Delhi and Mumbai is through the eyes of a traveller and a first time visitor. This article talks about that precisely.

Delhi and Mumbai are two sides of a coin. While both are among the top major cities in the country, the lifestyle of both the cities are totally different from each other. Delhi is a more subtle approach as compared to Mumbai in terms of its super fast paced life and crazy nightlifes. A visit to these two cities back to back will make you see the difference and appreciate both the cities for its uniqueness.

delhi city tour

Delhi is usually the first place you will arrive to in the event that you are a tourist arriving from overseas and is also the better place to start as Delhi is more welcoming as compared to Mumbai. After exploring the city for at least a couple of days, you can book a ticket to one of the Delhi to Mumbai flights and make your way to Mumbai city.

New Delhi is also placed at a very convenient location where a visit to some of the most important tourist destinations are just a couple of hours away by road. Delhi leaves an enduring impression on each and every traveller’s mind and the impression is mostly a pleasant one. Some vital visits in Delhi showcasing the historical significance of the city are Red fort, India Gate, Lotus temple, Qutub Minar and the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Shopping in Delhi can be divided into two parts. For designer wears and brands you will have to head to south Delhi where malls and shopping complexes like Select Citywalk, DLF Promenade and Ambience mall area. There are also various other shops scattered around this part of the city like Khan market and Greater Kailash where you can grab whatever you like. For a street shopping experience, head over north where markets like Chandni Chowk, Kamla Nagar and Karol Bagh are. These old bazaars remain clamoring and twittering with an enormous number of visitors haggling with dealers to buy clothes, accessories and various other household items at the best deal possible.

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People do not live more luxuriously than they do in Mumbai as some of the world’s most richest people and the most popular film stars of the Indian film industry of Bollywood reside in this city. The city is beyond over populated and is busy day in and day out. The nightlife, considered as one of the best in the country, is not confined to the crazy bass thumping nightclubs, but also the extravagant private parties in the private villas and farm houses. Nightlife in Mumbai is a must experience an ordeal for anyone. The city has excellent shorelines, important historical sites, skyscraper corporate offices and multi storied shopping complexes with glass veneers. The most important landmark used to represent the city in most websites and story behind Mumbai or even India sometimes, is the Gateway of India. Mumbai is also highly popular for its street food and is the place which gave birth to most of the classic street food we love and gorge on daily all across India. Street fashion is also very popular in Mumbai and a visit to the major street markets will introduce you to the latest trends of fashion the present generation or time is wearing.

The business capital and the biggest city in India and unquestionably the most celebrated city in India, Mumbai, versus the capital of India, New Delhi, the most loved city of the majority of the mass. Although some common grounds can be seen, Mumbai and Delhi are too different to be compared to one another. After your visit of the two cities, you can take a flight from Mumbai to anywhere else you may wish to as Mumbai, like Delhi, also has an international airport. Air India is the most common flight that operates in this airport and you can easily get a flight to any major city from this airport.