Patiala – the city of Maharajas and Gharana musicians

Patiala is a rich cultural city of Punjab and its history is marked with royalty and lineage of maharajas who ruled here in the old times. There is the grand Qila Mubarak Palace which is a must-visit site. Read on. You might be interested to read more about Patiala – a must visit historic destination in Punjab.gurudwara in patiala

Patiala is the fourth largest city of Punjab. The whole city is situated around the historic Qila Mubarak which is also called the Fortunate Castle. The city was built in 1763 by Sardar Lakhna Dogar and Baba Ala Singh Sindhu. Patiala is well-connected road routes. It is just 260 km from Delhi. A number of buses ply from Chandigarh to Patiala. The nearest major railway station is Ambala and the closest airport is Chandigarh. Hotels in Patiala offer warm hospitality and range from luxury to in patiala

There are a number of tourist attractions in Patiala. First and foremost is the Dukh Niwaran Sahib Gurudwara which is just beside the bus stand. A pond attached to the Gurudwara is believed to have a healing effect on those who are sick and devotees take bath here in order to eliminate their sickness. There is another Gurudwara in the city called Moti Bagh Sahib. Qila Mubarak is a historic complex that is visited by a number of tourists every year. It covers 10 acres of area and house Qila Androon, a Darbar hall, and a guesthouse called Rain Baas. The Qila has Darshani Gate on the outside. Around the streets that follow this old fort are the local bazaars and a Shiva temple. In the markets around here you can shop for parandis, hand-woven fabrics, and jewelry. The royals of Patiala used to live here once. Qila Mubarak exhibits a mix of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture styles. There are 10 courtyards inside the complex and the Qila Androon is a series of palaces interconnected from the inside. There is a prison as well. During the Heritage festival, the whole complex is decorated lavishly. In the Old Moti Bagh Palace, there is a palace of mirrors popularly called Sheesh Mahal. Visitors watch this site as through the Lakshman Jhula, a kind of ropeway bridge that  runs around here. One more attraction worth visiting is the Baradari Gardens. It has several rare trees, plants, and shrubs. There is a small palace like Rajindera Kothi as well as a cricket stadium and a rink.patiala-tour
Patiala is a highly cultural city as it was the center of an independent Sikh Kingdom. The maharajas of this state were once the patrons of the well-known Patiala Gharana of musicians. This family of musicians produced many great names. The cultural tenor of the city is much diverse and if you visit Patiala in the month of January-February during the onset of the Basant or spring season, you would witness a major kite flying ceremony. The whole sight seems magnificent as hundreds of kites fill the sky with their colorful sway. You can experience the charm of Patiala any time of the year, however. Some of the best accommodations in Patiala hotel list include Neemrana’s Baradari Palace, Hotel Mohan Continental, Hotel Narain Continental, etc.