Must Visit Places When in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is largest city in Turkey and also constitutes the backbone and economy of this beautiful country. Istanbul is home to the ancient history of Turkey as well as cultural center of the country. Approximately, this city has a population of around 14 million people with most of them living in the Asian continent. Istanbul forms the largest urban town in the entire Europe and it is known be the Middle East. Established in 660 BC, this city has risen to be one of world’s most influential cities. It is a known fact that Istanbul the sixth largest city in the world. If you are planning a visit to this beautiful city, then read on to this article and know about the most famous attractions of Istanbul. You might be interested to read about Best Hotels to visit in Turkey for newly weds.

The Blue Mosqueblue masque turkey

Also known as Sultan Ahmed mosque, the Blue mosque of Istanbul was built by Sultan Ahmed during the early 1600s. The mosque is a masterpiece and has been a major attraction for the visitors of this city. Entry to this beautiful mosque is free. This mosque is a masterwork and has been the sight of Istanbul for a long period of time. The most stupendous feature about this mosque is its beautifully crafted dome and semi domes that provide the mosque a great view. Though entry to the mosque is free, but visitors are advised to check the prayer timings as the mosque remains closed during prayers. Being a religious place for Islam, the visitors are advised to dress decently and women must cover their heads.

Istanbul Archeological MuseumIstanbul Archaeological Museum

It is a huge and fascinating museum that holds a huge significance in the culture and history of Istanbul city. Istanbul archeological museum is also home to more throne million antiquity and artifacts. The museum was opened to the public in the year 1891 and receives millions of visitors. One of the most popular sites of this museum is the sarcophagus of Alexander the great and the sarcophagus of the crying women.

Grand Bazaargrand bazaar istanbul

The Grand bazaar is another great free attraction of Istanbul. It is situated around a mile away from Sultan Ahmet. This Bazaar is known to be amongst the largest as well as oldest open air markets in the entire world. This open air market has thousands of shops including vendors that sell all sorts of items. One can find numerous cafes and mosques in this great market place.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Artistanbul museum of art

It is a private museum that collects special art work of contemporary noteworthy from around Istanbul. Though, it is a modern museum but it has some fine age-old artifacts which allures many visitors from around the world. In this museum, most of the collections date back from 1960s to till today. The museum remains open from 10 AM to 6 PM everyday on weekdays with extended hours on Thursday.

Galata Tower galata tower

This tower is a key landmark of the city of Istanbul and provides a very fine view of Istanbul from the Beyoglu side. Visitors here are treated with a rare view of the city escape from a central point of view. Galata tower has believed to have been constructed during the 6th century; however, the present day modifications were made in the year 1960.

So, plan an Istanbul holiday now and don’t miss to pay visit to these places of the city!