Exclusive Places in India to Capture Best Sunrises

Be it a nature lover or a photographer, for them one of the most delightful experiences in outdoor photography is capturing a sunrise. There is something about a sunrise, which makes any al fresco experience much more beautiful and exciting. It can be the sun rising over an ocean, city or hill and the resultant experience of the sky turning into rich purples, reds, orange and gold will be an everlasting memory for any onlooker. While, talking of best sunrises, India is blessed with great climate that offers scope for ample sunlight and thus, you won’t find many cloudy days to block out the sun. If you are seeking places from where you can capture beautiful sunrises, then read on to this write-up for more information and enjoy sunrises of your lifetime.

Vivekanand’s Rock in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

It is one of the most inspirational sunrises you can ever see in India. Here, you can find almost everything one can hope for- a beautiful monument, which looks spectacular even in the distance; waving water and a passable scene that lets you savor how the sky changes its colors. Vivekananda Rock Memorial, located in Kanyakumari is a must see tourist attraction for travelers to South India. This place is renowned for sunrise and sunset. The rocky land on which the monument is set makes it a visual delight for photographers. In the soft breeze, visiting Vivekanand’s Rock is a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed all around the year. For all those who follow Vivekananda’s teachings, a trip to this place will be all more memorable experience.

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, West Bengal

People who love to enjoy rising sun over the snow peaked mountains must visit the Tiger Hill during the winter months (from October to December). In addition, it is also a memorable experience to enjoy sunrise in spring (from March to April). The Tiger Hill is around 10 KM from the town of Darjeeling and is the top point in Darjeeling. In order to capture the sunrise, you must head out as early as 3.30 AM. This is because the tourists might have parked their cars in advance and lined up to view the sunrise. Because of this, you also might have to park and walk uphill for a while. If you reach on time, you will manage to find a space at the tower-house. It must be noted that the tower has paid seating for sunrise viewing. The top floor with comfy seating charges INR 40 per person, while the ground floor seats charge INR 20.

Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh

Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh is a little town known for its spectacular sunrise views.  This spot gives viewers a classic sunrise view experience, which involves mountains, greenery and clouds. There are many modes to reach up to the spot. For instance, you can easily cycle to the great vantage point, or hike up in order to spot the sunrise.

Apart from these places, the Wilson Point in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra is another excellent spot to capture a blissful sunrise.