Making Chancellors Hotels Work For You

When it comes to organising effective conferences it is all important to be able to choose the right room in the right setting. At Chancellors we feel that we have the best, most versatile UK hotel conferences centres due to the surroundings and the options we have available. Whether you are looking for a full size lecture theatre to present a keynote or a smaller conference room with all modern amenities, then we can accommodate you. Because we also have accommodation as well, we are the perfect choice if you are entertaining delegates from across the country or the world.


Our conference rooms exist on both of the ground and first floors of this beautiful, historic building. We have 4 conference rooms around the main Flowers Theatre which hold up to 45 people each. These are very comfortable and spacious rooms which include complimentary WiFi broadband, projectors, screens, plasma TVs, DVDs and good old flipcharts just in case! We always endeavour to provide the best possible service for our business clients because we know that our performance can directly relate to how you are perceived. Whether you are entertaining guests from within your company, or those outside, our absolute dedication to technological flawlessness and quality of service will ensure an enjoyable stay for all.

In each of our rooms you will either be able to use the natural light that enters the room or you will be able to close the curtains and have full control over the lighting. This can make a huge difference, particularly if you are relying on the projector to relay a lot of information. The whiteboard in the room can create a little bit more instantaneous interactivity while the TVs can allow everyone to watch a high quality display. Alternatively, the projector can also be used. These conference rooms provide plenty of space so you can mix up your workshops with kinaesthetic activities as well as visual and auditory stimuli. It can be very helpful to include as many varied activities as possible in order to increase understanding and the overall grasp of the workers.

Reassuringly Reliable

 One of the biggest problems for those groups of workers who are on the fly is equipment. This is why one of our executive boardrooms is a great option. We can provide you with the equipment you need to remain productive, even if you don’t have devices to hand. With a laptop, 32” television, screens and a DVD player you don’t need to carry everything with you. We also supply a stationary briefcase to ensure that everyone in the room can contribute. Most importantly, we can provide video conferencing capability on request. This is a must for many businesses who are dependent on it to conduct their operations.

One aspect which may be overlooked are secretarial duties. If you are visiting Manchester and want to make it a temporary base, we can offer full secretarial services which can ensure you will never miss a call and will always be properly represented.

William Jones is a blogger and freelance writer who enjoys planning events and provides an insight into the industry through contributing to sites such as Chancellors Hotel.