Lose Yourself into the Blissful Locales of Varkala

The Varkala Tourism has tons of boast worthy aspects, of which, a few are mentioned in this compact rundown. Read ahead to know more and make the most out of your trip to Varkala the next time you visit it.


  1. Sivagiri


Sivagiri is a famous religious centre in Varkala, where social reformer and sage Sree Narayana Guru’s tomb is found. It is trusted that Guru was edified here and even today a great many pilgrims throng the spot amid the days of Sivagiri Pilgrimage. Sivagiri Mutt is additionally the base camp of Shree Narayana Dhama Sangham, an association of his supporters, which spreads his idea of ‘One position, One Religion, One God’ amongst it followers. In whole, it is a very peaceful site.

varkala beach

  1. Varkala Beach


The Varkala Beach a perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming. Encompassed by rich green regions and gleaming, golden sands, the beach pulls in individuals for its lovely perspectives of dawn and dusk. It is additionally known for a crisp water spring, which is situated at a precipice. Individuals take a holy plunge in this water as it is believed here that it helps in purging one’s wrongdoings. Other than this, a few areas of the shoreline are additionally utilized by the locals for dispersing the mortal stays of their relatives and companions into the water as part of the last rituals.

janardana swami temple

  1. Janardana Swamy Temple


The Janardhana Swamy Temple is a popular Vaishnavite holy place in India. Known as the Benares of the South, this temple is 2000 years old. The ruling deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu. The sanctuary is limited only to the Hindus who pay respect to their ancestors here. It is believed that the water in the lake of the sanctuary is sacred, and a dunk in it will wash away one’s sins.

ajengo fort

  1. Anjengo Fort


Anjengo Fort is one of the prime attractions of Varkala. The time of development of the fortification can be assessed by the most established covered grave here that dates back to 1704. Today, the relics of the fort that remain, serve as a confirmation to the way that numerous remote intruders had attempted to catch it for getting a firm balance in Kerala. Protected under National Heritage Monuments, the fortification also houses a graveyard that has the mortal stays of the inhabitants of the post.

varkala tunnel

  1. Varkala Tunnel


The Varkala Tunnel is a 924 feet long passage which was developed in 1867 by the then Deewan of Travancore, T. Mahadeva Rao. The development of the passage took 14 years for fruition and today it is a well known tourist site. The expectation of making the Varkala Tunnel was to have an inland conduit. Observe it when you visit Varkala and wonder about the virtuoso of the past era. The Varkala Tunnel lies in the region of the Varkala Lighthouse.

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