What to Shop for When in Mysore?

Shopping in Mysore is a wholesome affair as the city is home to different renowned shopping markets overflowing with sandalwood, excellent silk saris, rosewood articles and stone cut statues. So if you are a true blue Shopaholic, you’ll simply find love in Mysore. It is one of the few conventional spots in India, where you are buying something straight from the horse’s mouth (not literally!), which ensures bona fide items and genuine costs.

Before being too excited and making your shopping list, look for the Mumbai to Mysore flights to not end up being disappointed at the last moment. Till then, take a look at what all you can lay your hands on while in Mysore.


1- Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a sweet-smelling wood of the Sandal tree which not at all like numerous other sweet-smelling woods, holds its aroma for quite a long time. The wood is utilized to concentrate fundamental oils which are utilized as a part of items such as cleansers, incense sticks, fragrances, oil, talcum powder, hand wash, body wash and so forth. The Sandalwood oil is utilized for therapeutic purposes additionally, as a sterile and in Aromatherapy. The acclaimed Mysore Sandal Soap has been named after the fragrant Sandal found here.

mysore silk saree

2- Mysore Silk

You can visit the main silk industrial facility in Mysore to perceive how it’s made and purchase it yourself without even a second’s pause. It’s the most famous type of silk sold in India and possibly throughout the world. There is real gold spun into it. So if you cannot splurge in for a Mysore Silk Saree, then you may even buy a small scarf, which, by the way start from Rs. 1000. Numerous housewives and bride-to-bes have purchase these sarees from here.

insense stick

3- Incense Sticks


Mysore is home to the popular Agarbattis or incense sticks of various assortments which are lit amid the morning and night supplication to God or pooja timings. These incense sticks are made like the age-old times, by little and expansive producers utilizing locally accessible fragrances like jasmine and sandalwood. So get your favourite fragrance of incense sticks and every time you burn one, you will recollect your memories of Mysore.


4- Perfumes and Essential Oils

Ever thought how scents are made? It’s an undertaking of blending different aromas, and men in the business sectors of Mysore are masters at this. With time, they have aced this craftsmanship and can without much of a stretch recreate the most acclaimed universal fragrances. The point of interest is that they offer them at moderately low costs in the markets. The essential oils have a solid odor and you can spot it on a cotton ball and add that to the backs of your closet or in your stuffed gear to add freshness to your dressing!

mysore handicraft

5- Paintings and Handicrafts

The city is additionally well known for its Handicrafts, out of which the majority is wood based. Before ivory was banned, the city was known for the ivory trim work and crafted works. There is a great deal of stuff to purchase apart from soaking in the wonders of the Mysore Tourism. Some keepsakes to buy are: foot stools, teapots, God idols, jewellery cases, furniture, etc.