If you travel alone in road trip

The next month, it is decided, I hit the road in my car alone for a few days of rest. I do not necessarily have the habit of doing in my own, but in fact, it is good to surprise and change old habits often! I made the happy experience during my last vacation and therefore recommend that you do the same. Come on, I give you some advice as this is often a challenge for us to travel alone! Some tips for traveling well!

Your trip may depend on the way you are and your habits: more organized or not at all, but in reality the important thing is not there! What matters is that you have confidence in yourself and do not be afraid to make mistakes! Nobody was born knowing, and it is the experience that allows us to learn, so relax, nothing is really very serious. However, it is always nice to avoid problems and other surprises when possible and take advantage of your days off without stress.road-trip (1)

For example, try to prepare your suitcase (not too heavy and really useful things) a few days before departure, even made ​​a small list if you wish to not forget anything (like a small flashlight that is really handy). It’s recommended before sleep some days earlier than departure day, take your time to study your route via a paper or a website map, all with a little advance (if possible).

Whether your personal car or a vehicle that you intend to rent, it is vital to make a quick checking of your means of transport. Do not worry, all these gentlemen either are not professional mechanics, then here are some important tips to remember: check the oil and brake fluid level.Recheck the operation of lights (do change lights, for example…) as well as the condition of the brake especially if you rent! The other essential check that you must do, these are your tires! You must control the tires conditions and pressure.

If you opt for a rental car take your time to shop around and report any scratches and other defects in the landlord!

Relax a little traveling. Traveling throughout the hours and days in car is the dream of many enthusiasts, but not all the time without rest especially.And yet, we need to learn to relax and because I read a few travel blogs and it seems that they are also concerned to  offers little time to take care of them.Road_Trip_Image_2

When you travel, you often wish, make the most of things to do in the country to visit, to discover, photograph, but so far you must also learn to give good time in your body! Indeed, a body in poor health is like traveling without his bag, it must necessarily feel well during the trip. Of course, you do not always have the time willing to maintain your body, but do not forget that some shorts, sport activities or relaxations every hour during your vacation in the car may make you feel better and drive safer!

And for those who want more, there are stops for spa, coffees. The fact maintains your body will often let you be healthy even during the various climate changes, but also through the different environments you visit (from cold to hot, from the city to the countryside, etc…). In addition, it can sometimes after a long journey to enjoy a good time for you to relax.

One last piece of advice, even check the fuel level and refuel before you go, especially if you intend to go through highways : the price of fuel is higher , gold savings are always welcome!

Pham Quynh is working in the local Travel Agency in Vietnam. He is writing many topics such as: for Healthcare, travel, foods, video -games and more.