Why Travel to Greece in 2013

Seven Reasons to Explore the Classical World

Are you looking for a great place to travel to when your next holiday rolls around on the calendar? You really need to consider Greece because of all it has to offer. Even if you’re not a fan of the Classical period of mankind, the country has quite a bit to offer. And in 2013, it can be a very affordable place to travel. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading and you will be shortly.tour pic

Reasons to Travel to Greece

Here’s a breakdown of the main reasons a lot of people are heading to Greece on holiday.

  • Recession = Low Prices – There’s never been a better time to travel to Greece – especially if you want discounts on some of the more expensive villas and hotels. Depending on where you stay, you can save a lot of money compared to what you would have paid even five years ago. This is not going to last forever, however, so it’s a good time to go now if you can.

  • People Still Friendly – Even with the economy struggling, the people you’ll meet all over Greece are still super friendly and open to tourists coming in and helping out. It’s still a good idea to watch out for price gouging. As long as you’re vigilant and let it be known you’re not going to fall for hustles or swindling, you should be fine.

  • Ancient Sites Still Around – The government being in debt doesn’t affect the classical sites you can see all across Greece. It’s a good idea to research everything in the area you’ll be staying before you leave.  Make sure you leave yourself enough time to see everything that’s available. Getting a holiday rental instead of staying at a hotel can help with this.

Tips for Visiting Greece in 2013 / 2014

Because of the financial problems in Greece and other countries in the world, the citizens do occasionally strike or go out for protests. If you’re afraid of this, you’ll want to stay away from Athens and some of the bigger cities.

This still leaves a lot of areas – including some awesome island getaways – that you can visit. That being said, 2013 was a lot calmer than 2012 was and 2014 is expected to not be as active either when it comes to activists.

If you’ve ever wondered what the wonderful world of modern Greece is like, the time to travel there is now. From low prices to not many other tourists around, there are a lot of reasons to travel to Greece as soon as possible.

Bio: Sheila Kurdinger this http://www.casamundo.co.uk is a wonderful site for finding villas and other holiday rentals. She has a lot of experience with travel all over the world and likes to share her knowledge with as many people as possible.