How to Have Fun with Kids While Travelling to Africa

For both kids and kids at heart, getting to witness live what you would usually just see on Sunday night television is something that would prove to be truly unforgettable. Observing animals in their natural habitat gives you a thrill that the National Geographic would only let you watch from a distance. So then, why go to a zoo, when you can opt for a natural safari waiting for you in the heartland of Africa? Once your flight tickets and travel insurance are at hand, get ready to fly and experience an adventure of a lifetime!



Yes, you purchased travel insurance before leaving, but take note that numerous illnesses not present in most major cities are still ravaging Africa. The best preparation you could ever give your children would be the necessary vaccinations that would save them from a spoiled vacation due to Malaria or Yellow Fever. It is better to be prepared, and you can have more fun this way.


You do not have to write a thesis to maximize the enjoyment of your trip, but prior reading would do wonders not just for you but for everyone in the family. Decide on what you would really enjoy doing. Would you like to experience trekking the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or would it be more fun for you to be in an enclosed van in a Kenyan safari? Perhaps, your children are budding mountaineers who would like to try out Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

Keep in mind that Africa is one big continent, and while many places would be able to offer similar attractions, not every one of them would have the necessary tourism infrastructure to do so. Some countries have more sophisticated infrastructure that would guarantee not just safety, but also enjoyed by minimizing hassles. Of course, having travel insurance for the sake of your peace of mind would not be a bad idea either.

Be Responsible

The best thing you could teach your children whilst travelling would be to be responsible stewards of the Earth, and Africa could not be any more appropriate than it already is. While many African cities have been booming lately, thanks to the influx of fresh capital, it remains to be the case that most of the continent is still impoverished and living under the poverty line. Nothing is more heart-breaking than witnessing a mother or her young child die from AIDS, or trek an hour just to get some fresh water. Regardless of where you come from, your children could learn a lot of valuable lessons in life early on by exposing them to the truth of the planet’s condition.

As such, it is your job as parents to ensure that you only leave footprints and take away just memories as well as vital life lessons. As for safety, your travel insurance would take care of that for you. And so enjoy, be responsible, and be a better citizen of the planet.